AA Spinning

Fresh supplies of Pakistani cotton arrive at AA Spinning.

he road from Lahore to Faisalabad, Pakistan, is made up of a row of textile mills — one
beside the other. The business premises of AA Spinning Mills are located 20 kilometers away from

AA Spinning is a sister company of Ibrahim Fibres. The company owners are the brothers Atif
and Asim Yaseen, respectively. Ibrahim Fibres ordered the first Trützschler TC 03 cards for the
Pakistani market during ITMA ’03 in Birmingham, England. Thirty-six Trützschler TC 03 cards and 24
TD 03 draw frames are now in operation at Ibrahim Fibres.

The 48 Trützschler TC 03 cards are arranged in four rows at AA Spinning.

The TC 03 cards are arranged in such a way that the operator has an obstacle-free path
around each machine.

 AA Spinning specializes in the production of polyester/cotton yarns of
different qualities, beginning with a Ne 30 yarn made from 52-percent carded cotton and 48-percent
polyester. The higher-grade range is made from blends of combed cotton ranging in size from Ne 24
to Ne 40. The top-segment products produced by AA Spinning are called chief value cottons (CVCs).
These yarns are a blend of 60-percent cotton and 40-percent polyester. Yarn counts range from Ne 24
to Ne 30.

Managing Director Tariq Nazir and his employees discuss an installation extension with
Trützschler’s Service Inspector Steffen Schkalda and Regional Sales Manager Michael Edler.

All cottons are local qualities. It is all the more astonishing that Managing
Director Tariq Nazir claims he is presently producing the highest-quality polyester/cotton Ne 30
yarn in Pakistan.

The installation with 50,544 spindles has been running for more than one year. The entire
installation is located in a new 120-meter-by-250-meter building. For both cotton and polyester,
the process starts with a tailor-made Trützschler blow room installation.

At the beginning of AA Spinning’s cotton cleaning line, a Trützschler SP-MF Multi Function
Separator protects the line against fire and damage from heavy parts. Foreign Part Separators at
the end of the line ensure a yarn free of foreign fibers.

This is followed by 48 TC 03 cards. Because the company needs highly flexible
machinery to produce its variety of blends, the number of TD 03 draw frames in operation can reach
60 machines.

It goes without saying that the other machines in the installation, from the combers to the
combined ring-spinning machines, each with 1,296 spindles, and 39 winding units also are
state-of-the-art. Production totals 65,000 pounds per day. The yarn is supplied to weaving and
knitting mills all over Pakistan.

AA Spinning’s installation of Trützschler TD 03 draw frame

Nazir is extremely satisfied with his new Trützschler installation. He justifies
this opinion with proverbial reliability and the short time his employees need to familiarize
themselves with the ultra-modern technology. Another expansion, adding an additional 100,000
spindles in a 160-meter-by-360-meter building — the size of about eight football fields — is
already in the planning stages.

May/June 2007