Trützschler’s New Research Center

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Textile World Asia Special ReportTrützschler IntroducesNew Textile Research
CenterTrützschler’s new textile research center blends technical demands with sales and marketing
needs.In September, Trützschler opened its new textile research center in Mönchengladbach, Germany.
Approximately 120 visitors attended the opening activities for the facility. Technical lectures
topped off the opening program, introducing the possibilities of the research center for trials and
training. Customers and business associates had the opportunity to participate in a guided tour of
Trützschler’s factory and production halls. The new concept, blending technical demands with sales
and marketing requirements, is based on five pillars: a classic textile research center; textile
laboratory; training center; permanent exhibition area; and communication area. All five
interlocked areas are Trützschler’s TC 03 card and td 03 draw frame Trützschler TC 03 td 03 located
inside a 2,400-square-meter complex. Synergies arise from the shared rooms, machines,
installations, and a specialized knowledge focus.

Trützschler’s TC 03 card and td 03 draw frameTextile Research Center For Application
TrialsThe research center is equipped with Trützschler production machines from bale opener to draw
frame and is available to customers for application trials. Approximately 200 projects are
processed annually, and optimal machine settings and maximum production rates are typical test
objectives. Machine settings and trial results are recorded in detailed trial reports, which are
available to the customer. Three parallel cards enable a comparison of different clothing types.
The cleaning lines, openers for man-made fibers and fiber blending installations are flexible and
multifunctional. The correct test climate in the textile research center is controlled by a new
filter and air-conditioning system.

Trützschler’s new textile laboratoryTextile Laboratory For Testing Fibers And
YarnsParticularly in the blowroom area, it is essential to carry out accurate fiber testing and raw
material evaluation for machine settings and installation performance. The new Trützschler
laboratory reflects a high standard of fiber testing. Dedicated and qualified staff members, using
state-of-the-art testing equipment, develop quality and productivity standards for the
installations in the textile research center and at the customer’s facility. More than 7,500 tests
are performed annually. Test devices feed data directly to a central server where the data is
processed and converted to meaningful charts. The results can be printed in six languages. Training
Center For Further EducationOf Trützschler Staff And CustomersFor years, many Trützschler customers
have used Trützschler machines and installations in Mönchengladbach to train staff. The new
training center provides state-of-theart instruction materials to teach important information and
skills about Trützschler machines and installations. Self-developed simulators and specially
equipped training machines complete the range. According to the company, the integration of the
hands-on seminars into the research center improves the quality of the training.

The exhibition room at Trützschler’s new textile research centerPermanent Exhibition
DemonstratesProducts And ServicesThe in-house exhibition component is centrally located, separated
from the application center and textile laboratory by only window walls. It is the connecting link
between all other departments at the center. Even though it was common in the past to exhibit the
newest machines in the research center, it was often difficult to present the machine functions and
the newest performance characteristics accordingly. The permanent exhibition now offers a suitable
forum to demonstrate and explain such functions and characteristics. Both machines and models are
exhibited. Acrylic models at a scale of 1:1 offer insight into the otherwise concealed operations
and functions. Television monitors featuring processing and machine function animations, as well as
numerous models and pictures, provide the visitor with complete information about Trützschler
machines. The latest Trützschler products, clothing for cards and roller cards are featured in
their own area. The exhibition also covers fiber preparation for nonwoven installations. However,
because nonwovens equipment is specifically projected, very expensive and space consuming,
Trützschler has made its nonwoven machines available at the Fleissner textile research center, the
Saxon Textilforschungsinstitut and North Carolina State University. Communication AreaA
communication area is available at the research center. Separate rooms in various sizes facilitate
undisturbed negotiations and training. Multimedia presentations also may be presented to larger
groups. With a staff of more than 900 people at the site in Mönchengladbach, Trützschler ranks as
one of the most important employers in the region. The company hopes the new textile research
center demonstrates the leading position and innovative power of the company in textile machine

November/December 2005