India ITME 2012 Exhibitor Preview: Oerlikon Schlafhorst

ÜBACH-PALENBERG, Germany — September 2012 — What advances the world’s spinning mills? What makes
them more competitive? Increasing economic efficiency is a key issue here. Oerlikon Schlafhorst
machines are a top priority for spinning mill operators who want to fully exploit their economic
opportunities. Oerlikon Schlafhorst has been setting the standard for years: in securing
significant economic advantages in spinning mills, in all-round, excellent application and process
orientation and in innovative spinning and winding know-how. The Autocoro 8, BD 448, Autoconer X5
and the Zinser speed frame and ring spinning machines are star performers in spinning mills

Autocoro 8 and BD 448 set the benchmark in rotor spinning

Oerlikon Schlafhorst is the undisputed market leader in India with the Autocoro 8 and the BD
448. The Autocoro 8’s significantly higher economic efficiency sets it apart from machines with
conventional central drive technology. A year ago, the Autocoro 8 unleashed a revolution, because
this new rotor spinning machine became the first and only machine to spin a yarn at a rotor speed
of 200,000 rpm. Indian spinning mills are experiencing productivity increases of up to 25%, machine
start-up takes minutes instead of hours, the multi-lot capability is excellent and spinning costs
have shrunk considerably. More than 150 machines are already in operation worldwide, opening up new
markets and prospects for spinning mills. The semi-automatic BD 448 rotor spinning machine is also
the unchallenged market leader in India. With its highly efficient material usage, the machine
offers greater economy, requires fewer operatives and energy and boasts a high efficiency rating.
This is in addition to producing its proven high yarn and package quality.

Zinser – high ring spinning machine productivity thanks to automatic doffing

Automatic doffing is increasingly becoming a standard feature of the ring spinning mill
independently of staff costs and markets. It is becoming more and more difficult to find suitable
staff for work in the spinning mill. Automatic doffing contributes significantly to reducing the
staff requirement in spinning mills, and up to 50% of staff costs can be saved through the use of
the CoWeMat, depending on the yarn count and bobbin format. Waiting times and machine downtimes are
avoided, thus improving the installation’s efficiency rating. In addition to the labour savings,
the spinning mill’s output is increased.

The CoWeMat’s fast, reliable bobbin change safeguards the high efficiency rating and ensures
the continuous optimum utilization of the ring spinning machines. Zinser ring spinning machines
have the most effective and reliable doffer in the world in the CoWeMat. Only this level of
reliability ensures that potential can also be exploited. Only operational reliability guarantees
the high productivity of the machines.

To reduce the logistical effort in the spinning mill further, the ring spinning machine can
be linked directly to the winding machine. This rules out any mix-up of material, meaning that the
doffer makes an active contribution to quality assurance too. The direct link with the winding
machine also reduces the footprint of the installation as a whole,  which in turn reduces the
investment costs of the overall mill. This direct link permits perfect harmonization of spinning
and winding capacities, resulting in optimum utilization of the whole mill and a higher total
efficiency rating.

At ITME India 2012, Oerlikon Schlafhorst is presenting the new ring spinning machine
ZinserImpact 71 linked to the Autoconer X5 V. We will thus demonstrate the reliability of the
doffer and the system advantages of a linked system in operation.

Autoconer X5 – flexible winding technology for profitable winding and downstream

The quality package of the Autoconer sets the benchmark for individually and flexibly
adaptable package quality with maximum productivity. Thanks to its flexible package winding
technology, the Autoconer FX has the right answer to every demand, be it for convincing standard
package quality, additional benefits provided by FX technology modules or complete freedom of
package design with PreciFX. Different automation stages for bobbin processing or cone-to-cone
rewinding enable every customer to integrate the right machine configuration for their process
sequence. This versatility extends right up to the fully automatic spinning mill, thanks to a
direct link with the spinning machine. Process sequences that save energy and conserve resources
come as standard, while flexibility and future-readiness are always guaranteed due to the latest
sensors, drive technology and electronics.

Posted on October 17, 2012

Source: Oerlikon Schlafhorst