INVISTA To Build New Nylon 6,6 Intermediates And Polymer Plant In China

SHANGHAI, China — Feb. 25, 2011 — Invista, a world leader in nylon intermediates and fibers,
announced today that it is moving forward on its plans to construct a manufacturing facility at the
Shanghai Chemical Industry Park in China to meet the region’s demand for nylon 6,6 intermediates
and polymer.

The company is currently engaged in project engineering, which will include an environmental
impact assessment to be completed by the end of 2011. Invista expects to begin construction of the
plant in 2012 and commence production in phases beginning in 2014. When the new plant is complete,
it will be the most energy efficient and technologically advanced nylon intermediates plant in the
world, underscoring Invista’s continuing focus on improving energy efficiency and developing
innovative technologies.

“The construction of this plant had been temporarily delayed due to the global economic
crisis, which slowed demand for nylon 6,6 intermediates and polymer. We are very encouraged by the
increasing demand for these products in China and the rest of Asia and are therefore moving forward
with our plans,” said Warren Primeaux, president, Invista Intermediates. “In fact, the changes in
timing have given us an opportunity to make significant advances in our technology, and we will be
incorporating these into the new plant.”

The state-of-the-art plant will employ Invista’s latest advances in its proprietary
butadiene-based technology to produce hexamethylene diamine (HMD) and adiponitrile (ADN), along
with a variety of specialty chemicals and nylon 6,6 polymer. INVISTA’s products are used in a wide
range of applications, such as airbags, carpet, plastics and outdoor equipment.

To leverage its global resources and experience, Invista has named Steve Kromer, an Invista
senior vice president, as the leader of this core strategy for Invista. Mr. Kromer plans to
establish his base of operations in China, pending residency approvals.

Posted on March 16, 2011

Source: Invista