UTSC Adds Repreve® Polyester Staple Fiber To Portfolio, Implements U Trust™ Program

Unifi Textiles (Suzhou) Co. Ltd. (UTSC) — the China-based manufacturing division of multifilament
polyester and nylon textured yarn producer Unifi Inc., United States — has added Repreve®
polyester staple fiber to its product portfolio. UTSC now offers recycled staple polyester,
recycled filament polyester, recycled filament nylon 6,6, and recycled performance fibers — all
are available with optional flame-retardant, moisture-wicking, stretch and color technologies.

“UTSC now offers the most extensive array of recycled fibers in the global textile market,”
said Roger Berrier, executive vice president, Unifi. “As we continue to localize our recycling
efforts here in China, we are able to offer our customers the best value and marketing support as
Repreve becomes the leader in local sustainable textile solutions.”

UTSC also has launched U Trust™, a verification program developed to ensure the integrity of
products made with Repreve. The program includes Fiberprint™ tracing technology to certify the
level of Repreve content in fabrics and products.”

The U Trust program protects the value that the Repreve brand offers and helps prevent any
false claims,” said Ed Wickes, president, UTSC. “And by offering the U Trust verification program
in Asia, customers can trust in the Repreve brand name providing a credible and reliable solution
for their sustainable products.”

October 21, 2009