Jinxing (Fujian) Installs Oerlikon Barmag EFK Machinery

China-based Jinxing (Fujian) Chemical Fibre And Textile Industry Co. Ltd., a producer of textured
polyester microfibers and a subsidiary of Fujian Jinxing Group, recently purchased 10 eFK-type
texturing machines from Germany-based Oerlikon Barmag. Jinxing is the first company in China to
purchase this technology, which was introduced to the marketplace at ITMA Asia in 2008.

According to Oerlikon Barmag, Jinxing (Fujian) selected the technology for several reasons
including: the energy-efficient godet technology; its previous experience with Oerlikon Barmag
technology including the FK6- and MPS-type texturing machines; and observation of the technology in
operation at ITMA Asia 2008. “The machine is the perfect addition to our product portfolio,” said
Hong Tianpai, CEO, Fujian Jinxing.

The Fujian Jinxing Group is one of the largest man-made fiber producers in the Fujian
Province, and has the capacity to manufacture 180,000 tons of filament yarn, 60,000 tons of
polyester staple fiber yarns and 65,000 tons of various specialty yarns annually. 

April 15, 2009