Great Lakes Expands Lowinox® 1790 Production Capacity In Korea

Great Lakes ExpandsLowinox® 1790 Production Capacity In Korea

U.S.-based Great Lakes Chemical Corp. recently expanded production capacity at its Pyongtaek,
Korea, plant as a result of growing demand for its Lowinox® 1790 high-performance phenolic
antioxidant, which is used in polyurethane fibers and polyolefin applications.“Making an investment
to increase production capacity of this key antioxidant supports the emerging needs of both the
polymer industry and, particularly, our customers in the polyurethane fibers and polyolefin
markets,”says Maurizio Butti, executive vice president of polymer stabilizers.The Pyongtaek plant
is part of Asia Stabilizers Co. Ltd., a joint venture between Great Lakes and Korea-based Miwon
Commercial Co. Ltd. As a majority owner, Great Lakes manages Asia Stabilizers, which produces
ultraviolet stabilizers, main and specialty antioxidants, and additive blends.

Winter 2004