Apollo Introduces Antimigrants Softener At AATCC Conference

Apollo Introduces Antimigrants,Softner At AATCC Conference
Since forming its strategic alliance with Birmingham, Ala.-based Vulcan Performance Chemicals last year, Apollo Chemical Corp., Burlington, N.C., has worked to extend its product line. At the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) International Conference and Exhibition (IC&E), Apollo Chemical highlighted Apcotherm 4640 and Apcotherm ST-42, and Fluftone® PCS, among other products.Apcotherm 4640, a man-made antimigrant, and Apcotherm ST-42, a surfactant-type antimigrant, are designed for use in continuous dyeing operations. Disperse, vat and sulfur dyes all are controlled effectively with each antimigrant product. Apcotherm 4640 and ST-42 are designed to eliminate front-to- back shading, white under the neps and white crossovers.Fluftone PCS is a silicone softener for use on all types of fabrics. It is especially effective on cellulosic and cellulosic-blend fabrics, according to Apollo. The company recommends applying the product via pad, but it is designed to be compatible with pigments used in continuous finishing operations. When used in a no-iron finish, Fluftone PCS will improve needle cutting, abrasion and tear strength, while improving fabric appearance and hand in pre-cured and post-cured fabrics.
Winter 2003