JS Humidifiers Introduces New Spray Humidifier

The Mistifier Plus is a new wall-mounted spray humidifier introduced recently by England-based JS
Humidifiers Plc – a global company that offers advice, design, supply, installation and maintenance
of specialist textile humidification systems.

JS Humidifiers reports the humidifier is suitable for small processing areas measuring up to
1,000 cubic meters. Once it is mounted on the wall using stainless-steel brackets and connected to
a water supply and drain, directional outlets on the top of the humidifier spray a rapidly
evaporating fine mist of water into the air to control humidity. The unit can be operated in a
simple on/off manner or a humidistat can be used to maintain a set humidity. According to the
company, the unit features low-energy spinning disk technology that consumes 230 watts per hour
while spraying up to 6.5 liters of water.

The humidifier was designed to be easy to maintain and hygienic, and includes such features
as a purge function and a siphon drain, which forces fresh water through the system when the power
is connected or disconnected; an auto drain system, which flushes the system every four hours when
it is not in use to eliminate the possibility of stagnant water developing in the system; an
anti-scale cartridge on the incoming water supply to reduce cleaning and maintenance; and a silver
ion dosing system to effectively manage more than 650 types of microbes.

April/May/June 2009