Avery Dennison Introduces Snap 700 Label Printer

United States-based Avery Dennison Corp. has developed a high-speed printer suitable for the most
common tags, labels and tickets used in apparel and retail applications. The Snap 700 printer was
created for apparel contractors worldwide to be easy-to-operate, economical and reliable. The
printer’s control panel features a “voice” button for voice-assisted operation and maintenance
prompts in seven languages.

The system is supplied with a 5-inch-wide print head, enabling it to print a variety of label
sizes, and is capable of print speeds of 7 inches per second for fabric care label stocks and 12
inches per second for paper label stocks. A two-sided printed label version also is available. The
machine prints, cuts and stacks a variety of label types ranging from hang tags and fabric care
labels to price labels and bar code labels.

“Our number one design objective was reliability,” said John Moliski, Avery Dennison product
manager, machines and software. “We analyzed all of the breakdowns and problems in conventional
printers, found what was causing these problems and designed solutions for them. The SNAP 700’s
reliability can minimize costly downtime and make apparel contractors, especially those in remote
locations, more productive by reducing needs for service calls and repairs.”

April/May/June 2009