HunterLab Introduces New Spectrophotometer

Reston, Va.-based Hunter Associates Laboratory Inc. (HunterLab) now offers the UltraScan® VIS
spectrophotometer designed to measure the full range of human color perception while meeting
International Commission on Illumination (CIE) and ASTM International guidelines for accurate color
measurement. Tristimulus color calculations are performed between 360 and 780 nanometers (nm), as
is recommended by the CIE, and spectral data are reported every 10 nm. The UltraScan VIS features
automated specular component inclusion/exclusion and uses diffuse/8° geometry for measurement.

The spectrophotometer measures both transmitted and reflected color using its D65 illumination
source, which is calibrated and controlled in the ultraviolet region to accurately measure
whitening agents.

Color sorting and sequencing of data measured by the spectrophotometer are simplified with
EasyGroup software. EasyMatch® QC software is available for research and quality control

March/April 2007