Karl Mayer Adds Curtain Machine To Fascination Line

Karl Mayer AddsCurtain Machine To Fascination Line

The Fascination Curtain FC 16/20 is a new high-speed,multibar net curtain machine designed by
Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH, Germany, for the production of window hangings. Based on the
same technical principles as the company’s Fascination Lace FL 20/16 system, the FC 16/20 also
features Karl Mayer’s string bar and drive patterning concept, servo-driven ground and pattern
bars, and electronically controlled fabric take-down and batching.The FC 16/20 is controlled by a
new computer system and allows unrestricted repeat lengths, enabling a variety of designs to be
produced. The machine can process a combination of coarse yarns in the pattern and fine yarns in
the ground, and operates at a speed of 700 revolutions per minute.

Winter 2004