CITME Technology: High-Temperature/High-Pressure Rotary Dye Extractors For Garments

High-Temperature/High-PressureRotary Dye Extractors For Garments

Flainox S.r.l., Italy, will be showing its NRP/HT series of hightemperature/ high-pressure
rotary dye extractors. The NRP/HT series is a range of machines that can operate in temperatures of
up to 135 C (275 F) to dye all materials, including polyester. The company says the NRP/HT series,
similar to the NRP/Universal series, has a unique drum design and offers perfect reproducibility of
dyeing lots and wide flexibility of loads.

Other features of the NRP/HT include a centrifuge that is incorporated into the machine and
the capability to recirculate dyeing liquor through the outside heat exchanger using the
centrifugal pump. It also allows timed and controlled dosing of dye-stuffs and/or chemicals.The
series is Windows-compatible. On-line remote diagnostics and software changes or updates can be
done via a modem.Flainox says more than 25 NRP/HT machines are currently in use worldwide.

Fall 2004