Stäubli’s ITM Flash: Innovative Technology In The Digital Era – Steps Toward Sustainability

ISTANBUL — June 17, 2024 — We are pleased to present this new edition of ITM Flash which has been created especially for our valued customers and visitors to ITM 2024 in Istanbul. The short articles show how Stäubli’s product portfolio could benefit you as a textile manufacturer.

Stäubli relies on its 130 years of experience in designing and manufacturing shedding equipment to continuously develop new comprehensive solutions in order to provide the best choice for every application.

Longevity or precision? Both! — Cam motions and dobbies from Stäubli

Robustness, high performance, speed, quality, compet- itiveness, flexibility – these are all part of Stäubli’s DNA. By continuously strengthening our product range and process range, we continuously strive to achieve a single goal: as a partner, we meet the needs of our customers.

Facing the demand for various types of shuttleless weaving machines and different types of fabrics in the Chinese market, Stäubli will bring a variety of new shed- ding equipment at this exhibition to fully meet the needs of water-jet, air-jet and rapier looms in stringent require- ments of high-speed, heavy-load and precision.

S1792 / S3220 / S3260

High-speed air-jet applications

The first-class engineering and high-quality construc- tion of our cam motions and rotary dobbies offer air-jet weavers outstanding speed, optimal energy efficiency, long service life, and lower maintenance costs.

S3020 / S3060 / S3224

High-performance rapier applications

Stäubli rotary dobbies set the standard worldwide, deli- vering extreme reliability, efficiency, and long service life. They are suitable for all fabrics and patterns and they offer considerably increased load capacity and resili- ence.

High-speed S3280 rotary dobby – concept for air-jet applications

Stäubli has been designing revolutionary shed motion systems since 1892. Since those early years as a mere workshop, the company has become a global bench- mark setter for mechanical shed motion systems for frame weaving.

A recent development is our S3280 rotary dobby, designed for ultra-high-speed operation with a minimum of vibration and ensuring reliable performance. This dobby, coupled with our new e32/33 G transmission, is a must-have solution for frame-weaving mills that demand the utmost in productivity.

This newly developed machinery is a result of our commitment to sustainability. We aim to provide our customers with eco-friendlier solutions that make optimum use of natural resources.

MyStäubli portal – answering challenges of today and tomorrow

Is your weaving mill struggling with challenges in terms of performance, human resources, or overall organisa- tion? Stäubli can help. At ITMA 2023 we are launching MyStäubli, our new portal for our customers. It includes an equipment centre that serves to keep you fit for effi- cient maintenance and help you get the most out of your Stäubli machinery and solutions.

A full package of support

MyStäubli is a versatile and complete solution. It makes it easy for you to take proper care of your machinery, optimally train your team, complete your knowledge, and take advantage of our redesigned e-shop for easy management of your spare parts.

A multifaceted solution to suit your mill’s technical and personnel needs

Your weaving mill is one of a kind. It has a specific organ- isational structure, a unique combination of machinery, and a team of many unique individuals. We respect that, and that’s why we’ve integrated a broad spectrum of interaction options into MyStäubli.

Whether you need technical documentation, a tutorial, or maintenance follow-up and support, either remote or live, we will meet your specific requirements, always considering the competencies and mentality of your staff – even your apprenticeship needs.

Evolutionary for future needs

MyStäubli builds on our corporate values, principles like reliability, longevity, and partnering. The platform is designed to constantly evolve in a weaving world that is gradually adopting more and more Industry 4.0 solu- tions.

Well integrated into the Stäubli environment, the portal offers access to current training options and continually updated information.

Accessible anywhere, anytime

MyStäubli is a web app you can add to your favourites on your laptop and your smartphone. This gives you easy, instant access in case you ever need urgent support. It also makes it convenient to register any maintenance information during your regular factory inspections.

Interested in a live demonstration?

For more information or a live demonstration, just ask our local team to contact you or visit your mill. Get ready for the future.

Speed and quality: SAFIR PRO S67 the new drawing-in machine

High speed drawing-in of cotton warps

With up to 200 yarns drawn-in per minute, the SAFIR PRO S67 supports utmost productivity in the drawing-in department of weaving mills producing shirting, men’s suits, or home textiles.

Fully automatic Layer- & Offset-Management

Stäubli offers the new Layer- & Offset-Management option for double warp beam applications for staple fibre, and especially fancy denim applications on the stationary drawing in machine SAFIR PRO S67.

Stäubli doubled the number of clamping rails in the yarn frame in order to handle each yarn sheet with two clamping rails. The yarn sheets are now clamped independently by a double clamping system made of 4 clamping rails. The offset is corrected fully automatically.

The machine brings the two yarn sheets into perfect alignment with zero offset. This allows the yarn sepa- ration unit (suction nozzle) to process the yarn layer without time loss.

The machine operates efficiently with no need to move to an offset yarn. The horizontal offset movement is obsolete. In this way, the new option permits the highest performance.

Faster than the human eye: AWC 2.0 colour nuance detection

The essential function of our state-of-the-art AWC 2.0 technology is interpreting the measured data through image processing & data analytics, using advanced algorithms & software and high-performance proces- sors.

This allows the determination of titre, colour, twist direction, and, within certain limits, even hairiness, transparency, and monofilament or multifilament char- acteristics. For multi-coloured warps, AWC 2.0 can detect a great number of colour nuances per warp. This gives mills expanded capabilities to produce innovative, outstanding, and unique designs.

A quality weaving process

With SAFIR and Active Drawing-In Control 2.0, your processes are optimized and your completely drawn-in weaving harnesses will be available on time, in the desired quality, and ready for quick startup of the down- stream weaving process.

Smooth warp changes in the weaving mill with TIEPRO – the operator friendly warp tying machine

Stäubli is showing its TIEPRO warp-tying machine, featuring extremely fine mechanical precision supported by high-performance digital technology. Over seventy years of Stäubli experience in the production of tying machines and tying frames have gone into the completely new design of TIEPRO.

Since its introduction on the market, TIEPRO is already in successful operation in weaving mills around the world. Offering utmost ease in use and a unique auto-re- verse function enabling the automatic repeat of the yarn separation process in case of double-end detection, this tying machine has become the first choice of operators.

Here are some reasons why weaving mills should invest in the completely new TIEPRO, the world’s most advanced warp-tying machine:

  • Unique yarn separation process with spindle cone (no spare needles required)
  • New electronic double-end detection before cutting the yarn; auto-reverse function
  • Short not ends with adjustable length
  • High availability and good environmental performance (no oil bath needed)
  • Guides the operator through the tying process

Stäubli warp tying machines cover a full range of applications

Stäubli TOPMATIC, MAGMA, and TIEPRO warp tying machines stand for perfect knot quality, flexibility in use, and high efficiency. Perfectly tied together warp sheets are essential in achieving quick warp changes and short idle time of the weaving machine. Stäubli’s proven product range includes the ideal warp tying machine for any type of yarn.

Stäubli patents and registered designs

Stäubli has been providing technological solutions for over 130 years. Introducing many innovations for the textile industry, Stäubli has always been careful to obtain recognition of its technological added value.

Over the years, Stäubli has applied for patents for no less than 650 innovations – from the first dobby machines in 1892 to the current extensive range of textile machinery.

Our leading-edge solutions are made possible by the experts in our highly capable R&D department. They are driven by passion to deliver the best solutions and results, which are of course protected under intellectual property rights. One or more patents are related to our innovative products.

They guarantee the advanced technology and value of the Stäubli equipment to your exclusive benefit.

Energy savings with Stäubli Jacquard machines

Today’s market situation is increasingly challenging, with circumstances that are difficult to influence through individual efforts. Rising energy prices and the high cost and uncertain availability of raw materials are impacting the profitability of weaving mills beyond control.

In this context, it is more important than ever to rely on production equipment that:

  • features innovative materials and technologies to
  • achieve electricity savings
  • operates reliably and helps to conserve raw materials
  • is manufactured to high quality standards for long service life
  • allows a high degree of recyclability.

Stäubli has answered this challenge with the launch of the new PRO range of electronic Jacquard machines, equipped with NOEMI electronics architecture and the MX PRO module. This is just one way we are doing our part to shape a responsible future for the textile industry.

MX PRO module – the link to precision

The compact, maintenance-free MX PRO module forms the heart of the Jacquard machine. It is made of dimen- sionally stable composite materials chosen especially for longevity. In combination with NOEMI electronics archi- tecture, the module provides reliable hook selection for all kinds of woven fabrics. The overall concept allows temperature monitoring of each module, supports preventive maintenance, and plays a key role in energy savings.

Smart Module Control

The status of the MX PRO module is indicated by an LED on the Smart Module Control electronics board, while detailed information is provided by the Jacquard controller. This supports easy and straightforward access.

LX12 PRO Jacquard machine – Unleash your creativity in narrow fabric creation

The LX12 PRO Jacquard machine offers several bene- fits that enhance the weaving process, including:

  • Adaptability and versatility
    • It can be perfectly matched with the weaving machine to form an optimal system. 3-position MXV module is particularly suitable for weaving double-faced fabrics, It unleashes your creativity in any narrow fabric creation.
  • Energy efficiency
    • The innovative concept with MX PRO and MXV modules ensures optimal energy efficiency in manufacturing fabrics and ribbons. Up to 30% less electrical consump- tion for hook selection due to advanced design and electronic power supply
  • Precision
    • A balanced lifting mechanism for precise operation.
  • Quick harness changes
    • Allows for fast fitting and removal of the harness.\
  • Ease of access and low maintenance
    • Safe and straightforward access for machine adjust- ments. The machine requires minimal and straightfor- ward maintenance.
  • User-friendly
    • TC8 controler is designed to be intuitive.

These features contribute to a Jacquard machine that is efficient, reliable, and capable of producing high-quality narrow fabrics such as ribbons and labels.

Proximity is credo

Türkiye has always played a significant role in the global textile industry. The importance and dynamic devel- opment of the Turkish market motivated the Group to establish its subsidiary in Türkiye. Stäubli Sanayi Makine ve Aksesuarları Ticaret Ltd. Şti was created in 1996 and started its activity as the major supplier of the Turkish textile industry.

Within its sustainability approach, Stäubli not only delivers machines, but ensures their optimal availability by providing maintenance services, training, consulta- tion, and supply of original spare parts. Fast shipment of spare parts and rapid service support minimum produc- tion downtime in case of an incident.

In order to offer this excellence in technical customer support and service in close proximity, Stäubli has set up offices in Istanbul, Bursa, Denizli and Gaziantep. Our 80 experienced technical staff and sales engineers for the four divisions are all over the country, ensuring a quick response to customers.

In addition to textile machinery activities, Stäubli Türkiye also established its Fluid Connectors division in 2002, its Robotics division in 2004 and its Electrical Connectors division in 2009. With its extension of activities, Stäubli Türkiye relocated to new offices in 2016.


Partners in innovation and sustainability

Berteks, situated in Bursa, is a family-owned company founded in 1922, now in the hands of the fourth gener- ation. Berteks exports a majority of its production all over the globe. Already back in 1984 its directors have chosen Stäubli machinery to support the expansion towards a versatile product portfolio that requires flex- ible production means.

Today, the company operates more than 200 Stäubli machines and Jacquard harnesses to weave its wide range of high-quality products, mainly decorative home textiles for curtains and upholstery, made of fancy and dyed yarns.

Innovation based on R&D

Berteks is an innovative and creative company with a strong commitment to R&D. This has allowed the company to expand into sectors like technical textiles, including acoustic products, various coated fabrics, textile-based wallpaper, and naturally textured and high- strength products that are didanstinct on the market.

Just like at Stäubli, where where R&D is in its DNA. Intense and continued R&D in combination with market proximity and the listening of customers needs, lead to a comprehensive offer with solutions that fit many different woven applications, including the most demanding ones.

Towards greener textile production

Berteks is serious about its ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) performance and working on cleaner production materials and techniques with lower environmental impact. In striving towards greener textile production, Noyan says that the production process plays a key role and emphasises:

“Stäubli supports our sustainability efforts with innovative machinery with smooth operation and reduced main- tenance, technical support and digital compatibility, performance, high dura- bility, and energy efficiency.”

Partnering – a key to success

Noyan emphasizes that its goals of diversification, productivity, and EGS performance can be met only with the help of reliable partners: “We can count on Stäubli’s broad range and its reliable and quick response when we need service or special support. That’s the basis of our solid long-term partnership.”

Posted: June 18, 2024

Source: ITM Flash – ITM Flash is published by Stäubli,Textile Division / Stäubli International AG