Inspiring, By Tonello: From The Concept To The Website

SARCEDO, Italy — June 24, 2024 — Tonello’s new “Inspiring” website is finally online. A side viewpoint on the world of fashion and denim. The most direct expression of the company’s “soul” and vision.

Inspiring is: “A meeting point between art and technology, a privileged place for sharing and exchange, a creative area, an atelier in which to research and brainstorm, experiment with effects and draw dreams. And to transform the most innovative ideas into real garments, prototypes and premises of the next collections.”

Inspiring was created to connect brands, professionals, companies, students and talk yes about technologies, but above all about creativity, style, people and protagonists of an ever-evolving industry. With a privileged focus on the theme of “true sustainability”.

With Inspiring Tonello manifests its new digital face that aims to inspire and connect denim insiders like never before. The new website is more than just a website: it is a journey of discovery into a world full of innovation and creativity.

Divided into 5 sections – Essence, Dossier, Journal, The Story, Collections – it freely and creatively expresses the vision of the Tonello brand, to stimulate discussions, comparisons, opinions. And to share values in an innovative and non-standardized way, intuitive and definitely out of the box.

If the “Essence” section tries to summarize the inspiring concept and serves as an ideal introduction to the whole project, the other menu items take us inside the Tonello world told in a warm, passionate and engaging tone of voice.

In detail, “Journal” is the tag that includes, in addition to the #madebypeople section, full of interviews and testimonials, updates and reflections on Tonello’s research, new technologies and processes; “Dossier” collects a series of “how to” posts, with tips, for example, on how to treat one’s denim garments to make them last longer, or to dye them in a natural and sustainable way; “The Story” hosts the first two chapters (the third is coming soon) of an unusual story, a sort of puzzle in which different threads are interwoven, articulated over decades (from the 1970s to the 1990s and from the 1990s to 2010): Tonello’s history, that of the evolution of denim, that of society, costume, and pop culture; “Collections” is the section in which Tonello presents the most interesting and innovative research and experimentation materialized in real exclusive and cult “capsule collections,” developed with the collaboration of some of the best-known designers in the international denim world.

Tonello’s new website is therefore not just an informational portal. It is a platform that inspires, connects, and engages. Every detail is designed to make the user experience unique and rich in value while each section reflects Tonello’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

The new Inspiring site is thus a place to discover and share ideas, where for once technologies take a step back in favor of topics such as, for example, humanity and creativity.

It is, in short, the true, original brand-manifesto of Tonello, that is, of what not surprisingly calls itself “The Inspiring Company.” Happy browsing!

Posted: June 24, 2024

Source: Tonello srl