Teijin Frontier Develops ”OctaⓇ sf” Spun Yarn Offering Exceptional Softness, Fluffy, Comfort To Wear & Functionality

TOKYO, Japan — June 6, 2024 — Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd., the Teijin Group’s fibers and products converting company, today announced the development of ” Octa®sf“, a polyester spun yarn that provides a soft, gentle feel, fluffiness, light weight, moisture absorption and heat retention for textiles used in sportswear and outerwear.  To create this novel spun yarn, Teijin Frontier developed an ultra-fine staple fiber with a hollow, 8-fin modified cross-section, which the company processes using special spinning and drawing technologies. ”Octa®sf “ overcomes softness limitations of existing staple fiber made of filament yarn modified, and addresses demands for new materials that combine high performance with desirable tactile feel.

Cross-section of “Octa®sf” blended yarn

The gaps created by the fiber’s 8-fin modified cross-section, combined with the softness of the extremely fine-spun yarn, provide a gentle feel a natural fullness and warmth. ”Octa®sf“ yarn also delivers practical functionality such as water absorption and diffusion, thanks to its eight hollow fins; bulkiness and lightness due to the gaps between the fibers; and heat retention resulting from the presence of dead air. Furthermore, the modified cross-sectional shape of the staple fibers and large gaps between them make it easy to blend them with other natural fibers, such as wool, as well as with synthetic fibers, such as lyocell. It can also be combined with polyester functional materials made by Teijin Frontier, allowing customers to develop a wide variety of textiles.

Cross-section of ultra-fine modified (hollow 8-fin) raw cotton

Teijin Frontier is currently developing special structure fabrics that utilize “Octa” yarn, primarily for outerwear and mid-layer applications. In addition, the company is developing related materials for base layers and innerwear, which require a softer, more comfortable texture compared to outerwear.

With existing filament yarn with modified cross-section yarns, there are limitations to the soft texture that can be achieved due to the thickness of each single yarn and the cross-sectional shape of the raw yarn. Therefore, Teijin Frontier began developing an ultra-fine staple fiber  with a hollow 8-fin cross-section and a spun yarn using this. Until now, it has been difficult to develop ultra-fine staple fiber that maintains a hollow 8-fin cross-sectional shape, but Teijin Frontier has succeeded in developing ultra-fine staple fiber with a hollow 8-fin cross-section by using its own special spinning and drawing technology. Furthermore, by applying our unique spinning technology to this staple fiber, we have been able to develop “Octa® sf,” an extremely fine hollow 8-fin modified cross-section spun yarn that combines a fluffy, soft texture, comfort to wear, and functionality.

Technology overview

Textiles using Octa®SF

The ”Octa®sf ” yarn leverages advanced technologies and processes. In staple fiber production, the company uses a special spinneret design to achieve ultra-fine fibers with modified cross-sections. Also, Teijin Frontier’s production process optimizes the crimp characteristics, oils and cut length of staple fiber. In the spinning stage, special technology improves the blend of polyester staple fiber and other fibers, as well as the carding conditions, to enhance the quality of the yarn.

Knitting structure and density settings for textiles using “Octa®sf“ yarn are adjusted based on the application requirements. Optimizing dyeing and processing technology to achieve high-quality color and functionality.

Teijin Frontier will begin selling textiles made from “Octa®sf” yarn for outdoor wear and sportswear in the fall/winter of 2025. Subsequently, the company will expand the use of the material into other applications such as fashion apparel, aiming for sales of 100,000 meter in fiscal 2025 and 500,000 meter by fiscal 2028.

Posted: June 14, 2024

Source: Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd.