Between Matter, Form And Appearance, Timeless Luxury Makes A Big Comeback In Oerlikon Riri’s SS25 Collection

MENDRISIO, Switzerland — February 8, 2024 — The grammar of luxury is the language that Riri has always declined and infused into its accessories, details of style that enrich the creations of leading high-end fashion brands. This know-how is reflected in the zippers and buttons created by the Oerlikon Riri brand for the Spring-Summer 25 collection, which features two extremely elegant moods, made even more precious by the technological and craftsmanship contributions of Oerlikon Fineparts. The two brands cooperate as complementary parts of the Oerlikon Luxury business unit to offer the high- fashion market a range of accessories that explores every peak of luxury, from classic to tailor-made.


Loudly quiet luxury.

Luxury tries to dress in simplicity but cannot hide from the discerning eye: classic gold, black, beige and dark brown colors, geometric and sinuous shapes that eschew static betray its nature, pure elegance. Elegantly basic or metalized tapes in gold and with glossy black enamels, PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) body and puller finishes, the patented TRA-IN stainless steel button with Coeurdor’s light gold finish, and customized branding, ELOXAL chain with aluminum teeth colored in gray and gold: revisited and enhanced visions of the classic, on the heels of the Quiet Luxury trend. The gleam of metal is counterbalanced by the simplicity of wool yarn, GRS-certified recycled polyester and GOTS-certified organic cotton, for a final effect of utter class.


Face modern elegance.

Marble and multifaceting are the main characters in the second trend of strong geometric inspiration: triangles, rhombuses and trapezoids create elegant and modern surfaces in which simple colors predominate on the theme of wood and marble. Materic effect is recreated on tapes with marble and black polished effect inserts, matte black PVD padlocks and buttons with hard blue stone inserts, mélange velvet and satin tapes, and geometric facets shape an algid and ethereal elegance.

Posted: February 8, 2024

Source: Oerlikon Riri