Registration Is Open For The ITMF Annual Conference 2023 November 4-6, 2023, In Keqiao, China

ZÜRICH, Switzerland — September 4, 2023 — The ITMF Annual Conference 2023 is co-hosted by the China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC) and the Shaoxing Municipal People’s Government and will feature international industry experts from around the world from along the entire textile value chain — from fibers to retail.

More than 500 high-level representatives from the entire textile value chain from China and around the world are expected to attend.

Under the general theme “Digitalization & Circularity – Megatrends Shaping the Textile Industry” experts from the industry and academia will shed light on how the textile value chain is coping with these trends and will help better understand the underlying dynamics and identifying the risks and opportunities. In the various sessions, experts will discuss among other topics

  • How the fiber markets will adapt to the increasing demand for recycled fibers;
  • How the textile industry can reduce the carbon footprint;
  • How new technologies will accelerate the industry’s transition towards more circularity; or
  • How upcoming regulation will impact production around the world.

In addition, ITMF will once again recognize the winners of the

  • ITMF Start-up Awards 2023;
  • ITMF Sustainability & Innovation Awards 2023; and
  • ITMF International Collaboration Awards 2023.

In conjunction and coordination with the ITMF Annual Conference 2023, there will be two more events that will take place in Keqiao, namely:

  • 10th Belt & Road Textile Conference 2023 (November 2-3); and
  • 6th World Textile Merchandising Conference (WTMC) 2023 (November 5-6).

More info about the conference can be found at:

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Posted: September 7, 2023

Source: International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF)