Cone Denim Introduces Noble’s Ionic+® Technology At Kingpins As Prelude To Fall 23 Retail Partner Launch

NEW YORK CITY — July 18, 2023 — Noble Biomaterials, a supplier of antimicrobial and conductivity solutions for soft surface applications, today announces its partnership with Cone Denim revealed at 2023 Kingpins Show in New York, July 19-20. The innovative denim fabric will be featured by Mack Weldon at retail this Fall.

Cone Denim developed a new denim fabric using Noble’s Ionic+® technology, which harnesses the power of positively charged silver ions permanently embedded in yarn fibers to inhibit the growth of bacteria and microbes on the surface of the fabric. Through this advanced technology, Cone has created sustainable protection for jeans that remain microbe and odor-free, thus reducing the need for frequent washing.

“Cone Denim is ahead of the curve offering a commercially ready denim using Ionic+ permanent mineral technology,” says Allon Cohne, chief marketing officer at Noble Biomaterials. “They came to us early on in anticipation of this trend and had a solution ready when market leaders like Mack Weldon called to include for Fall 2023. Ionic+ is well suited for the increased demand of fabric solutions that offer ‘wear more with reduced impact’ benefits.”

“We are excited Mack Weldon has partnered to bring the Ionic+ technology to market, merging the sustainable fabric manufacturing by Cone with the added benefit of sustainable garment care for the consumer,” says Kevin Reardon, senior vice president Commercial Strategy at Cone Denim.

Cone Denim’s fabric combined with Ionic+ technology was designed with sustainability at its core. The Ionic+ performance lasts the lifetime of the garment, resulting in fewer washes, reduced water consumption, and energy use. The denim is also dyed using one of Cone Denim’s Distilled Indigo (pre-reduced) shades, which offers additional water, energy, and chemical savings. Recent industry studies show forgoing even one wash and dry cycle can deliver significant upside in conserving water and energy. The denim industry is increasingly finding new ways to reduce water and energy consumption in textile production. Cone Denim and Ionic+ now offer the same concept of reduced resource consumption to the end user.

Posted: July 17, 2023

Source: Noble Biomaterials, Inc.