ITMA 2023 Exhibitor Preview: Santex Rimar Group

TRISSINO, Italy — May 2, 2023 — Santex Rimar Group looks forward to ITMA 2023 in Milan, Italy what could be considered as a home game. The Group’s different brands will be present at two booths. The machines on display and many showcases will leave visitors with the firm conviction that they can make their textile production more environmental-friendly.

Satex Rimar Group is one of the world-leading players in textile machinery manufacturing for weaving, textile finishing, technical textiles, and green technologies for sludge drying processes. The Group unites six brands with unique standings that are represented at upcoming ITMA 2023.

All portfolios have in common that the machinery is made with competence, passion, commitment, a high level of research – and all machines are eco-friendly in their own way. Santex Rimar Group is dedicated to contributing technological excellence, process know-how and all possible efforts to maintaining a healthy environment for future generations. The Group is proud to present in Milan, Italy its innovations along the textile value chain and to show how this industry can become more sustainable.

Green weaving

SMIT is a renowned producer of weaving machines and its booth B108 in hall 10 is a must-stop. SMIT’s flagship, the 2FAST High-Speed Weaving Machine will be exhibited featuring 2SAVE, the world’s first and only weft tension control that saves selvedge at both left and right sides of the woven fabric, realizing pick-by-pick sustainability through fabric waste reduction. In practice, 2SAVE saves between 50 mm and 80 mm of yarn at each pick. Imagine the total savings, when it already results in over one meter after only twenty single picks… Eliminating selvedge waste leads to a significant decrease in raw material waste, with tangible benefits in terms of water saving at the very beginning of the value chain of fabric making – for any cotton fabric, including denim.

2FAST as a standalone solution shows an impressively green record too. The developers could eliminate auxiliary cooling systems, engineering a high-efficiency brushless motor with permanent magnets, for lowest heat generation with highest power. A further sustainability benefit came with the new short mechanical transmission for highest regularity while guaranteeing lowest energy consumption – also used in combination with Jacquard systems.

The SMIT R&D team leaves no detail untouched when investigating technical solutions to be tested and proven. That’s why 2FAST earned the ACIMIT Green Label for machines developed with the methodology of ‘Product Design for the Environment’, from the Italian textile machinery association.

The eco exhibits

Sperotto Rimar, Santex, Cavitec, Isotex and Solwa are represented on a 400 square meter booth in the middle of hall 18 along the main alley. One highlight will be the Isotex coating machine that guarantees high precision results, what goes hand in hand with waste reduction and environmental friendliness. The great flexibility of Isotex machines allows for experimenting and/or using sustainable compounds.

Santashrink, the tensionless shrinking and relax drying machine for tubular and open-width knitted fabrics, simply a Santex bestseller, is on show too. Compas embodies the compacting revolution with its unique system which exploits the use of a special belt with specific elasticity values. As water isn’t directly sprayed on the compacting belt there’s no water absorption by the processed fabric. The second plus regarding the use of water is the indirect rubber belt cooling with a totally unpolluted water recycling system.

Santex Rimar Group invests every year 4% of their annual global turnover in research and development to provide continuous technical innovation in order to have the best improvements available for customers and for the environment. Machines use to show an economically future-oriented design and perform with the lowest possible use of energy, water, waste and chemicals.

Solwa is the Group’s brand with the focus to produce green innovative technologies for water treatment and drying processes. It’s pride is Drywa, the only low-temperature belt dryer equipped with a CO2 heat pump developed to make sludge management efficient and cost-effective, respecting the environment and climate.

Proud to present

The Cavimelt Pro multi-functional coating machine by Cavitec will be presented for the first time at an international exhibition. The two-in-one machine featuring rapid switching between rotogravure and full-surface coating will amaze the visitors as its technological superiority – based on hotmelt adhesive application – delivers bonding performance which meets the highest expectations for quality.

Cavimelt Pro shows reliable results also for sensitive materials and innovative applications. It offers flexibility from using membranes of 5 micrometers (one tenth of the diameter of a single human hair) and foam of 20 millimeters of thickness. And regarding sustainability: its hotmelt technology is an environmentally-friendly process, free of solvents and water. Furthermore, as no drying or sintering is necessary Cavimelt Pro also scores in energy-saving aspects.

Santex Rimar Group looks forward to welcoming visitors for first-hand information at ITMA 2023 between June 8th and 14th – and invites everyone to experience its eco attitude on even sustainably built booths

Posted: May 2, 2023

Source: Santex Rimar Group