ITMA ASIA + CITME 2020 Exhibitor Preview: Mahlo

SAAL, Germany — May 7, 2021 — When ITMA Asia opens its doors in Shanghai on June 12, Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG together with Shanghai Kuantex will present the latest systems and solutions for efficient and high-quality textile production and finishing at booth H6-A08.

In the textile industry, the name Mahlo stands for high-quality automatic straightening and process control systems. The recipe for success of the experts from Germany is over 75 years of experience paired with the latest technological developments. At ITMA Asia 2021, the company will remain true to this strategy and present the latest developments in the field of straightening and process control. At the Mahlo booth, the latest generation of the Orthopac RVMC-15 weft straightening system or the Qualiscan QMS-12 quality measuring system will show why they strengthen every textile production line.

The straightener’s opto-electronic scanning for distortion detection with oscillating lens and newly revised DSP (digital signal processor) is probably the most sensitive and versatile system on the market. Arranged on a carrier bridge, several of these sensors, evenly distributed across the width, detect the position of the weft yarn simultaneously at different points. The scanning system detects and analyzes the angular position of weft yarns, stitches or tufting rows. An intelligent control algorithm with self-optimization function, together with the hydraulic or electric roller positioning adapted to it, ensures that all fabric distortions are removed reliably in the process. Even the most complicated fabric structures pose no problem. Scanning systems for special fabric structures are available as an alternative to standard scanning. Even scanning and warp correction of patterned fabrics (lace, jacquard, print, terry cloth) is possible without any problems.

Visitors to test fabric samples

Also contributing to high-quality textile production and finishing is the Famacont PMC for controlling weft and stitch course density, which will also be on show at ITMA Asia. The Famacont PMC-15 uses a sensor to measure the yarn or stitch density and compares it with the target value stored in the recipe data management system. The detected deviation of the yarn density from the target value is used to fully automatically regulate the leading during the needling process on the stenter frame. Interested parties can have the mode of operation explained to them at the Mahlo booth with the help of a demo tower and their own or provided fabric samples.

Full speed on the data highway

The knowledgeable audience at ITMA Asia can also immerse themselves in Mahlo’s digital world and get to know the new mPilot control room software and the mLog data analysis tool. This allows measurement data to be stored, logged and evaluated. Both systems are part of the mSmart concept that defines Mahlo’s digital environment. An important building block for the future: Because only those who take the path along the data highway will be able to remain competitive and produce efficiently in the future.

Posted May 27, 2021

Source: Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG