Freudenberg Launches An Eco-Calculator That Helps Customers Improve Their Environmental Footprint

WEINHEIM, Germany — April 13, 2021 — An innovative Eco-calculator to be launched by Freudenberg Performance Materials will help customers assess and choose Evolon® textile solutions for bedding and bath towels. The tool based on sustainability criteria also provides information on how customers can save energy and water during subsequent care steps for the relevant textile.

The new Eco-calculator from Freudenberg provides an overview of environmental impacts generated by Evolon solutions over their entire life cycle: From raw material extraction through the laundering phases to product end-of-life. Eight environmental criteria, including the carbon footprint, water impact and eco-toxicity, are evaluated.

Independent data and washing tests

The Eco-calculator relies on data provided and validated by independent external experts, who conducted a Life Cycle Assessment focusing on textile applications such as bed linen, bath towels and workwear used in hotels and hospitals. The Eco-calculator also takes account of data from washing tests to evaluate the durability and the consumption levels of water, energy and detergent required by the different fabrics. The testing program simulated industrial wash cycles to assess twelve different textile articles. Each type of product was evaluated in terms of the water, energy and detergent consumption required for its care as well as its appearance and mechanical properties over washings.

Support for customers’ eco-design programs

“Our Evolon experts help our customers determine the scenarios they wish to evaluate, for example by varying the weight of the materials, the types of finish, the number of washing cycles, or the country of use. Based on this data, the Freudenberg experts provide an economic and environmental evaluation using the Eco-calculator,” said Jean-François Kerhault, Business Segment manager Evolon at Freudenberg Performance Materials. “This information can help our customers to evaluate the environmental footprint of their own finished products. They can include the data in their own product eco-design approach, or meet new market requirements about information on the carbon footprint.”

Posted April 13, 2021

Source: Freudenberg Peformance Materials