Suominen Introduces Fibrella® Cozy, A Topsheet Material With Superior Softness And Customizable Patterns

HELSINKI, Finland — Suominen has announced the launch of FIBRELLA® Cozy, a new topsheet material for absorbent hygiene products, such as pantyliners, that is superior in softness and excellent in fluid management. Fibrella Cozy is produced with spunlace technology, bonded with water without any binders, making it safe, skin-friendly and odorless material. As a result, Fibrella Cozy is an attractive choice for hygiene brands and converters to target health-conscious consumers of today.

Fibrella Cozy topsheet can be enhanced with Suominen’s unique and customizable high definition patterns, which offer an outstanding opportunity to differentiate products from the competition.

“Fibrella Cozy is an ideal combination of form and function and it is the softest available topsheet material for hygiene products,” says Johanna Sirén, Suominen’s Assistant Product Manager for Hygiene. “We know consumers value three things above all in these products: safety, comfort and the feeling of dryness and Fibrella Cozy satisfies these needs. By adding in our high definition patterning, we can offer an invaluable capability for differentiation by making the end-product stand out. This makes an everyday product more than just a commodity.”

The Hygiene category is one of Suominen’s strategic focus areas and, as a high added value nonwoven product in the category, FFibrella Cozy helps Suominen forward in executing its Changemaker strategy.

If you are interested in Fibrella Cozy or other customized solutions for hygiene products, please contact Suominen to schedule a meeting at Hygienix 2018 in Orlando, Florida.

Posted October 23, 2018

Source: Suominen