Mogul Recognized For Business Spirit With The IDEA® 2016 Award For Entrepreneur Achievement

GAZIANTEP, Turkey — June 8, 2016 — IDEA annually recognizes companies and products in the nonwovens industry which exhibit market leadership and are innovative products.  Among award categories this year Mogul Nonwovens was recognized for Entrepreneur Achievement during the awards ceremony at the IDEA 2016 Boston conference on May 4, 2016. This is the second win in this category for Mogul after receiving the same award at IDEA 2001.

Mogul began production of nonwoven fabrics in 1997 at its first plant at Gaziantep in south eastern Turkey. As a family company, Mogul rapidly increased production capacity and product diversity to enter among the top 40 nonwoven producers globally and thereby, garnered its first entrepreneurship award in 2001. Through its recent and significant investments in new and higher value nonwoven technology and new production facility in the United States Mogul earned its second entrepreneurship award this year.  Mogul has ventured into technologically challenging hybrid bicomponent microfilament fabrics and cross-lapped spunlace at its new and third plant located close to Istanbul while also expanding globally with its first overseas plant at South Carolina in the US.

The company remains a family company with slightly over 400 employees in the US, EU, Asia and Turkey.  The award was presented by INDA and Nonwovens Industry Magazine to Mogul President, Enver Kayali, who accepted it on behalf of Mogul employees.  The previous award in 2001 had been accepted by Enver’s father Ekrem Kayali.

Posted June 15, 2016

Source: Mogul