Hyosung Launches 2018 Fabric Trends

SEOUL, South Korea — June 6, 2016 — Hyosung launched new creora® Fit2 4-way stretch technology for superior comfort last November and is now launching trends for 2018. The trends are arranged in four groups:

Sleek And Slick

From super skinny to subtle contouring and shaping, creora Fit2 spandex fabric is perfect for achieving the 360º stretch and recovery consumers are looking for. creora Fit2 is a new spandex fabric technology using proprietary yarns to eliminate typical warp shrinkage and instability to deliver four-way stretch.

The appeal of creora Fit2 in delivering next generation stretch can also generate new developments that possess the flexibility and super stretch with excellent recovery combined with new light weights in denim for added comfort. Expect to see bi-stretch denim fabrics reduced in weight, compact in surface from authentic indigo through to a brighter surface effect, but purposefully embracing to give the designated target market the true performance they are looking for.

In Play!

The authenticity of denim is given a powerful push, as performance comes into play. The hybrid mood continues, but this time it is on a higher level, as functional yarns team with ubiquitous cotton in creating jeans that execute added value. From cool touch denim through to antibacterial, lightweight thermal denim, high tenacity denim and 360 º stretch and flexibility. Denim is moving out of its traditional casualwear comfort zone and moving into a new territory: performance.

Stretch is key from the inclusion of creora spandex/elastane, the concept of this direction is that optically authentic denim appeals, but through blending and construction there is a whole lot of innovation going on, with technical denim making waves. From yoga jeans to jog jeans, and urban sports, denim maintains it guise but will guarantee a surprising new functionality.


The robust appearance of denim is actually very deceptive as new soft handles and lightweight qualities come to the market. DREAMER takes on a very suave approach in traditional cotton/creora spandex blends. Cotton ranges from long stable fibers for luxurious touch to being dominated by Tencel® lyocell fibers for the ultimate in soft and supple appeal.

Structures range from spongey to compact with velvet brushed finish, while surfaces take on a dreamy aspect applied through tone-on-tone prints or through the inclusion of jacquards. Tones take on a soft and faded look to compliment the spirit of this direction. Indigo features but in new faded back qualities. There is an overall feel-good aspect combined with a sensational touch to denim in both woven and knit qualities.


A blast of energy hits the denim scene, as an electrified reaction creates an innovative look. From star studded brilliance and luminosity to bright toned and light matte applications, a visual array of surface effects charges up the market. Denim takes on a compact and smooth appeal with contouring power stretch or comfort stretch from creora® spandex allowing for the interplay of luster and brilliance to compliment the density of matte tones. From deep black and indigo tones, with a shimmer effect to the artificial approach of bleached cotton, there is a techno appeal to this direction.

The brilliance is derived from the yarn content through to the finish. The frisson of this artificial look doesn’t just appeal to the brighter side of denim, but also to the intensity of natural fibers as a surreal luminosity appears. Phosphorescent fibers and finishes escalate the look, setting off the super brilliance with the matte intense tones.

Posted June 15, 2016

Source: Creora