ITMA 2015 Technology

More than 1,500 exhibitors will participate in ITMA 2015. To ensure the exhibition maintains its reputation as the world’s premiere textile exhibition attracting high-caliber exhibitors and visitors, organizers demand that exhibits are high quality, and only newly developed products are admitted. Following is a peek at just a few of the technologies that will be on view in November.

Switzerland-based Archroma will exhibit its latest innovations under the banner: “Colors enhanced. Performance enhanced. Sustainability enhanced.” In particular, the company will present EarthColors dyes and the Inkpresso system for digital printing in the color area; SmartRepel Hydro and Zero add-on formaldehyde solutions in the performance area; and its One Way sustainability service in the sustainability area. Hall 8, Booth F101.

Italy-based Itema S.p.A. will present the new R9500terry as well as five other looms in its booth. The company also invites ITMA attendees to visit the new ItemaCampus at its headquarters to view the full Itema product line. Hall 1, Booth A101.

Italy-based Marzoli S.p.A. will present, among its many innovations, the Marzoli Bobbin Transport System available in either Random Transport System or Block Creeling Transport System configurations for high-production spinning mills; the Marzoli Mac2 Compact System capable of processing a wide range of counts and yarn types; Marzoli Remote Maintenance (MRM) diagnostic technology; the fully redesigned CM7-LP Comber equipped with automatic lap piecing technology for increased efficiency and quality; and the flexible FT60 and FT70 Roving Frames with multi-motor drive and modular design. Hall H2, Booth G118.

Picanol NV, Belgium, has been busy preparing its latest-generation rapier weaving machines — the OptiMax-i rapier machine and the TerryMax-i rapier machine for terry cloth — for the show. Both new machines will make their debut at ITMA 2015. Picanol also will offer customers a look at its full line of products, accessories and services for weaving. Hall 1, Booth D101.

Italy-based Savio Macchine Tessili S.p.A. will exhibit its winding solutions including the PulsarS automatic winder, the drumless Multicone, and the Volufil Multicone automatic winder. Savio reports the big focus at ITMA is on the PulsarS, the fifth generation of its winding machine technology. According to the company, the PulsarS offers a sustainable advantage in terms of energy efficiency, productivity and air conditioning savings in the winding room. The Multicone is a new drumless digital yarn-layering technology available for Polar winders that is ideal for customers winding dyeing packages or fine counts. Volufil Multicone combines thermic treatment and winding on a single machine. Hall 4, Booth B101.

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