Fong’s Zhongshan Monfong’s Open Day For Guangdong Customers

Hong Kong — October 2013 — On 6th September, Fong’s Guangdong Customer Open Day was held at
Monfong’s Zhongshan factory. The event attracted around 70 customers coming from Guangdong areas.

The event was started by the welcome speech delivered by Mr. Francis Wong, Fong’s Sales
Director. Mr. Zhang Jiuling, Monfong’s Sales Manager, presented the latest Monfong’s products and
briefly introduced Monfong’s Zhongshan factory.

Monfong’s Zhongshan factory is situated at Linhai Industrial Park, Cuiheng New District,
Zhongshan, only 35 minutes drive to Zhongshan Pier. It covers a total area of 200 acres with 48,000
square meters of the production plant (Phase 1). The current production capacity of the production
plant is 400 sets of machine per year. Through close technical cooperation with A. Monforts,
Germany, by persisting in superb product quality and standard, Monfong’s has developed a solid
sales network worldwide.

Since its inception in 1999, Monfong’s has kept introducing advanced technology from Germany,
and integrating its high productivity in China. For several years, Monfong’s has been launching
excellent products, such as TWINAIR 328, Shrinking Range and Montex 6500, which are all highly
evaluated by customers. This year’s focus will be on Thermex 6500 brought by A. Monforts.

In order to meet market demands, the new Monfong’s factory has also invested and upgraded
some of the manufacturing equipment. Apart from the sophisticated modern facilities, Monfong’s has
also attached great importance to environment protection and greening of the factory, by increasing
the green area and planting a variety of plants within the factory. In the near future, some solar
power equipment will be installed in office areas, so as to make full use of natural resources to
meet the electricity demand for everyday office operation, relieve the pressure on national power
supply, and contribute to the cause of environmental protection.

The open day this time not only allows customers to be more familiar with our production
process, company history and culture, but also helps to enhance exchanges and mutual trust, laying
a solid foundation for further cooperation.

Posted October 16, 2013

Source: Fong’s