Alexium, Duro Textiles Begin Production Runs For FR Nylon

Alexium International Group Ltd. — an Australia- and United States-based developer of specialty
chemicals and solutions such as eco-friendly flame-retardant (FR) treatments on man-made-fiber
materials — and Duro Textiles LLC — a United States-based textile manufacturer offering dyeing,
printing, coating and finishing solutions for a range of end-use markets including military,
industrial, apparel, nonwoven and others — are set to begin production runs for an undisclosed

Alexium holds proprietary patent applications for Reactive Surface Treatment technology, a
process developed originally by the U.S. Department of Defense to modify surfaces or substrates and
attach nanoparticles or multiple chemical functional groups to provide various functional
properties including FR, antimicrobial, water and oil repellency, ultraviolet protection, and
others. The FR treatment it has developed is based on a charring process that extinguishes the
flame and also prevents melting or dripping. The treatment will be applied to Duro’s
95-percent-plus nylon products for North American military, government and commercial applications.

“Transitioning our FR nylon treatment to Duro’s production floor is a key near-term
objective,” said Stefan Susta, COO and executive director, Alexium. “Both parties are eager to get
over the last development stages and get products into the market.”

Alexium plans to develop and license treatments for nylon blends and non-textile

January/February/March 2013