Santana Introduces BEM™ Denim With Creora® Eco

Brazil-based denim manufacturer Santana Textiles has launched a collection of two-way stretch denim
featuring Korea-based Hyosung Corp.’s creora® eco spandex. The Bi-Elastic Movement (BEM™) denim
collection is finished using a process that requires fewer chemicals and produces a softer, more
luxurious feel than conventional stretch denim, according to Santana Textiles.


“Bi-Elastic Movement (BEM) fabrics, combined with the creativity of denim designers, will
allow for the innovation of garments that provide a unique experience for every different consumer
according to their own needs,” said Iorrana Aguiar, marketing director, Santana Textiles. “Examples
can range from simply a greater movement range to better blood circulation.”

October/November/December 2009