Lectra Releases Diamino® V6 Pre-Costing, Marker-Making Solution

Paris-based Lectra recently introduced Diamino® V6 pre-costing and marker-making software for the
fashion, automotive and furniture industries. The company reports the design, management and
post-treatment of markers have been revamped to speed up and simplify the time-sensitive marker
development process.

“We have experienced a 0.3 percent increase in material savings as compared to the previous
version of Diamino,” said Francisco Carlos Tomazoni, cutting room manager, Malwee, a Brazil-based
casualwear manufacturer.

Lectra reports product managers, cutting room managers, research departments and product
development teams now have access to marker information, and fabrics may be visualized in the
marker layout. These upgrades give a company the ability to see the affect of fabric choice on
product cost, and provide visual instructions on repeat placement and orientation.


“We now better control material consumption and cost and have improved our ability to
foresee problems,” said Davide Lunardon, CAD manager, Staff International, part of the Diesel

According to Lectra, the software’s enhanced algorithms facilitate work related to quality
and save time when automatically processing specific fabric constraints. V6 also now supports such
constraints as tubular fabrics and shading.

“With the new capacity to control for tubular fabrics, we’ve observed a 30-percent reduction
in processing time and a 5-percent increase in fabric savings,” said Geovane Rech, owner, Abrange,
a Brazil-based casualwear producer.

“Marker making in a fashion context is even more complex, given the quantity of garments
being produced and the many variables that come into play during development,” said Anastasia
Charbin, fashion marketing director, Lectra. “Diamino minimizes non-value-added tasks to put
emphasis on speed and efficiency, making it particularly advantageous under fashion conditions.
This new release significantly increases the number of markers that can be processed automatically,
which cuts order processing time in half while reducing material waste, human error and manpower

July/August/September 2013