Uster Launches 2013 Edition Of Uster® Statistics

Switzerland-based Uster Technologies AG recently introduced the 2013 version of its Uster®
Statistics. The company reports the latest edition of the parameters features an improved online
interface with additional features and new yarn styles included. The Uster Statistics online tool
can be accessed at

New for 2013, Uster Statistics has added a S3 hairiness value — a measure of the number of
fibers protruding by 3 millimeters or more — for ring-spun and compact yarns. According to the
company, the ability to measure this parameter was made possible by the development in 2010 of the
Uster Zweigle HL400 machine, which features improved accuracy and a statistical variation of less
than 10 percent.

Elongation and yarn strength statistics — both values very important to weavers — were
generated for the report by the Uster Tensojet 4. The company notes that yarn manufacturers need to
be mindful that residual elongation in a yarn after sizing must be no lower than 3 to 4 percent to
keep warp breaks at acceptable levels during weaving. Weaving places a lot of stress on a yarn, and
each warp end must be able to endure approximately 1,000 cycles of extension and relaxation without

January/February/March 2013