Lafer Dissolva Range Cleans Oil From Man-Made Fabrics

Lafer S.p.A., Italy, reports its Dissolva waterless scouring range efficiently and economically
removes oil from man-made-fiber fabrics and fabrics containing stretch fibers.

According to the company, the range has lower production costs because no water is used in
the process, and 90-percent less heating energy is needed to evaporate solvent compared to ranges
that use water. In addition, the range features a closed-loop design with a dual sealing system and
integrated suctioning that produces almost zero emissions and enables recovery and recycling of 99
percent of the solvent after filtration.

A further feature is the range’s Wind Tunnel Effect, which generates a strong, consistent
hot air stream over the fabric, shortening drying times and helping to open curled selvages.

April/May/June 2012