Picanol Introduces Cordless Air-jet Weaving Feature

Belgium-based Picanol NV has introduced a feature for air-jet weaving machines that enables weaving
without the filling catch cord. The Cordless feature has a mechanical clamp at the right-hand side
of the machine that moves along with the reed. According to Picanol, tests conducted on a range of
fabrics have indicated the Cordless design offers advantages including improved filling tension
evenness, decreased air consumption, improved selvage quality, increased speeds on delicate yarn
and significantly reduced filling waste when weaving with elastic yarns.

The Cordless feature is fully automatic, owing to Picanol’s integrated concept of using a
central microprocessor to process data from sensors and detectors on its machines, enabling
real-time calculations and adaptations to the system’s valve timings. Picanol also reports the
Cordless feature is compatible with all types of reeds.

October/November/December 2010