Huntsman Introduces Novasol® Vat Dyes

Singapore-based Huntsman Textile Effects has redesigned its Novasol® vat dyes for dyeing and
printing cellulosic fibers to improve their durability in harsh conditions. The dyes are compatible
with a variety of finishes including protective finishes, retardants and repellents, and are
suitable for a range of end-uses including military, protectivewear, career apparel, business
shirts and toweling.

According to Huntsman, Novasol vat dyes are produced using a modern standardization unit with
high-performing wet mills that are controlled by state-of-the-art particle size measurement
equipment. Upstream raw materials are tested, and finished goods are certified to comply with the
company’s strict product specifications for applying Novasol vat dyes.

October/November/December 2010