Comez Offers Upgraded CLX/EL, MCJ 700 Needle Looms

Italy-based Comez S.p.A. has added new features to its CLX/EL electronic and MCJ 700 electronic
jacquard needle looms, which are used to produce a range of rigid and elastic narrow fabrics for
various apparel, decorative and technical applications. The new features are designed to improve
production efficiency and flexibility of the machines and include state-of-the-art electronics
including new hardware and software, as well as updated mechanical components.

The Comez CLX/EL needle loom is equipped with the Smart Matrix Controller, which controls
machine functions and devices such as feeders, take-up system and other electronically controlled
components; and keeps track of production data. The machine features a dobby unit containing up to
20 heddle frames and is available in two versions: 500, featuring two to eight weaving heads; and
700, featuring two to 12 weaving heads.

The Comez MCJ 700 is equipped with the Data Control Controller to control machine functions
and electronically controlled devices, and track production data. Comez Draw Jacquard software is
used to program patterns, and a compact card is used to transfer pattern data from a PC to the
controller. The loom features a dobby unit that has up to 14 heddle frames and a jacquard device
that has 96 hooks for four to 10 weaving heads, 192 hooks for four to eight heads and 384 hooks for
four to eight heads.

According to Comez, the electronic drives on both looms provide accurate, uniform feeding of
weft and catch threads, resulting in reduced product defects and machine stop times.

October/November/December 2010