SDL Atlas Introduces Tabletop PnuBurst Unit

England-based textile testing equipment manufacturer SDL Atlas has unveiled PnuBurst, an economical
tabletop burst tester that provides preprogrammed basic testing functions for customers who don’t
need the range of functions offered by the top-of-the-line AutoBurst tester. The new tester is
suitable for testing of woven and nonwoven textiles, including elastic fabrics; as well as paper,
paperboard and films.

PnuBurst features include a pneumatically operated diaphragm, a preprogrammed color
touch-screen controller to conduct major test protocols, and automatic bell size and clamp ring
detection. Burst tests up to 1,500 kilopascals – equivalent to 15 bar or 271 pounds per square inch
– can be conducted. The tester also features a USB port, data cable and onboard software, allowing
users to store data for later analysis or to view and record results as they are displayed on the
control screen. The PnuBurst also measures distensions up to 70 millimeters.

October/November/December 2009