India’s Tech-Enabled B2B Apparel Manufacturing Platform Fashinza Is Expanding To The US

NEW DELHI — May 6, 2021, 2021 — Fashinza, a global B2B apparel manufacturing platform, is strengthening its global presence by expanding their services to New York, in partnership with a few leading brands. Fashinza solves some of the toughest apparel supply chain challenges by helping brands to work directly with manufacturers in a transparent manner, with the help of their unique digitized supply chain. Backed with funding from Accel Partners and Elevation Capital, Fashinza seems equipped to carve their space in New York’s apparel industry, with the goal of reinventing the $800bn global fashion manufacturing business for the e-commerce era.

The global apparel industry has been going through a turmoil of late. The pandemic exposed the structural issues of the industry which relies on months of long lead times, huge volumes to drive down costs, and hence a massive inventory problem. Moreover, it’s surprising that in the age of Amazon and Shopify, the supply chains are still managed on emails and spreadsheets. The mammoth coordination effort without technology results in delayed deliveries and long turnaround times.

Fashinza’s team believes that apparel manufacturing needs a technology-led intervention for it to combat these issues and become more transparent, efficient, sustainable, and automated. Fashinza’s platform allows companies to track the daily progress of their orders on an AI-regulated dashboard, with live updates from the factory floor, eliminating the need to make a hundred calls and emails for follow-ups. It also helps brands to reduce wastage, inventory forecasting errors, and enables quick replenishment of bestsellers with a fast turnaround time.

Fashinza has established their presence in 10 countries and have served brands from USA, Canada, UK, UAE, and India. Presently, they’re associated with 50+ industry leaders including Forever 21, Hummel, Reliance, and others.

The Co-Founders of Fashinza, Pawan Gupta and Abhishek Sharma, remarked that the apparel industry has evolved over the decades, which has given rise to new priorities. Pawan said, “For fashion brands, outsourcing overseas comes with a whole lot of challenges – from finding an ethical supplier to implementing quality checks- the pain points are numerous. Our policy of ‘complete ownership’ solves this problem for brands since we take care of the entire production process from designing to delivery. We have all seen cases where clothes were being manufactured under dangerous conditions and the brands were oblivious to it. This is not just a risk for the concerned brand’s reputation but is also a humanitarian crisis. By making ethical working conditions a mandate for all our partner factories, we ensure our associate brands never have to worry about these problems.”

In New York, Fashinza’s office is in the Downtown Financial District, but presently they’re working from home because of COVID.

Posted May 6, 2021

Source: Fashinza