From The Editor: Respect And Protect IP Rights

From The Editor

Respect And Protect IP RightsIf the consensus is that China has an anything-goes attitude
when it comes to intellectual property (IP) rights protection, things may be changing.At the recent
China International Textile Machinery Exhibition, the China Council for the Promotion of
International Trade Sub-Council of Textile Industry (CCPIT TEX) had an on-site Intellectual
Property Information Office to address complaints and provide assistance. Interestingly, according
to CCPIT TEX, although the majority of the complaints the office received were IP rights
infringement charges made by foreign companies against Chinese machine manufacturers, there were
accusations filed by Chinese manufacturers as well.Can this be a sign that IP rights awareness is
rising in China? This editor thinks so. And it is a good thing, not only because everyone benefits
when the playing field is leveled, but also because it may signify the maturing of the Chinese
machinery industry.A business will not advance if all it does is copy somebody else’s ideas. If
Chinese machine makers want to compete internationally, they will have to keep pace with their
foreign counterparts in terms of innovations and product introductions. Once this is achieved,
there is no reason why Chinese machine manufacturers cannot build brands that carry as much
prestige as their foreign competitors’. As Chinese companies continue to innovate, worldclass
technology will follow. The natural progression will be a respect for IP rights.By Carmen Pang,

Winter 2004