ITMA Asia + CITME Exhibitor Previews

At ITMA Asia + CITME 2014, AESA Air Engineering, France, will showcase its industrial air conditioning offerings, which include air conditioning and waste removal systems for spinning, weaving and man-made fiber production. The company offers complete temperature and humidity solutions for all fiber types in accordance with international manufacturing standards. Hall W4, Booth B13.

Switzerland-based Benninger AG will highlight the Trikoflex drum washer and a Benninger-Küsters DyePad Basic at the show. The company reports the Trikoflex offers a high degree of washing efficiency despite consuming 40-percent less fresh water during processing when compared to conventional washers. The machine also was developed specifically for tension-sensitive textiles. The Benninger-Küsters DyePad was designed to meet the needs of customers in Asia, with a focus on easy handling. According to Benninger, two swimming rollers ensure maximum deflection potential and permit knit and woven fabric dyeing without any restrictions. Hall E6, Booth A22.

PTC Group company Bräcker AG, Switzerland, will present its ring-spinning machine components including the OPAL® spinning rings custom-built for the Chinese market; the BERKOL® modular supergrinder; Titan and Orbit spinning rings and travelers; Pyrit and Zirkon Travelers for demanding applications; the Bräcker Rapid tool for time-saving traveler insertion; and Berkol cots and aprons. Hall W4, Booth C07.

A Bräcker AG redORBIT spinning ring

Germany-based DiloGroup — which incorporates DiloTemafa, DiloSpinnbau and DiloMachines — will have information about its newest production lines for the nonwovens industry. As part of the Dilo-Isomation Process, the company recently has placed importance on improving efficiency, web quality and uniformity as well as reduced fiber consumption to control raw material costs. DiloGroup will highlight the dosing opener DON from DiloTemafa, the DiloSpinnbau MultiFeed card feeder with Twinflow infeed system, Dilo HL and DL series crosslappers, and its entire range of needle looms. Hall W3, Booth C01.

Dollfus & Muller, France, will highlight its dryer belts and endless felts for textile finishing applications. Exhibits include compacting felts for knit finishing and printing dryer belts for printing, sanforizing felts for denim and woven fabric finishing, decatizing felts for wool finishing, satin wrappers for wool finishing, and tensionless dryer belts for knit finishing. The company also will introduce for knit finishing a new compacting felt featuring major advances compared to previous generation products; and a new durable printing dryer belt, the TAMIP HT 500 NR. Hall E7, Booth C34.

France-based FIL Control will highlight its new MYT sensor for affordable online yarn tension control. The company reports the sensor is suitable for high-count and highly tensioned yarns ranging from 500 to 5,000 grams. Hall W2, Booth B23.

PTC Group company Graf + Cie AG, Switzerland, is a manufacturer of metallic card clothing, stationary flats and flexible flat clothing, and top combs for most types of carding machines, combing machines and roller cards. The company will highlight its Resist-O-Top flat clothing for processing cotton, man-made fibers and blends; the DSW Flat Grinding Roller for periodic resharpening of flat clothings on a card; the TSG Traversing Resharpening Device for precision sharpening of Cuttysharp clothings; and the ASG Doffer Resharpening Device, which was specially developed for activating and resharpening doffer wires on Rieter C60 and C70 cards. Hall W4, Booth C07.

Germany-based Groz-Beckert KG will exhibit a variety of products for knitting, sewing, felting and weaving. At its booth, the company will showcase a Mercedes Benz E-Class “TexCar” laid open — illustrating all the woven, knitted and nonwoven fabric components as well as the seaming techniques — to show how textiles fulfill essential functions in the vehicle. Groz-Beckert also will demonstrate a transparent acrylic circular knitting machine, offering insight as to how all the machine’s components interact during the knitting process. Groz-Beckert components featured on the machine include needles, system parts and the cylinder. The company will illustrate 14 knitting technologies from bodysize to jacquard as well as a gauge gradient from E10 to E50 on a segment of the cylinder. Under the theme SEWING5, Groz-Beckert will highlight its five S’s of sewing: Supply, Solutions, Service, Superiority, and Sustainability. At ITMA Asia + CITME, the company will focus on felting needles solutions for the automotive industry. The company offers an EcoStar felting needle for flat needled products, and fork or crown needles for grainy or velvet-like fabric surfaces. For the weaving sector, Groz-Beckert will demonstrate its full range of high-quality weaving accessories and weaving preparation machines. Hall E5, Booth B01.

Groz-Beckert KG will showcase all the woven, knitted and nonwoven components of a vehicle on a Mercedes Benz “TexCar” at its booth.

France-based Laroche, a manufacturer of complete textile waste recycling lines, will highlight sustainable tailor-made applications for textile recycling. The company also will introduce a complete turnkey airlay nonwoven line for producing nonwoven felts. Hall W3, Booth A08.

A. Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, will launch the Montex-Allround, a patented modular interchangeable coating system, at ITMA Asia + CITME 2014. The system allows the production process to be adapted to the coating method required — with modules for knife and slot die coating; flexo, gravure and rotary screen printing; and powder scattering and spraying available. Hall W1, Booth A01.

PTC Group company Novibra Boskovice S.r.o., Czech Republic, will exhibit its NASA HPS 68 spindle and new CROCOdoff clamping crown. According to the company, the NASA HPS 68 spindle features a noise-absorbing system assembly to ensure high performance with minimum neck-bearing load, vibration and noise even at speeds of more than 20,000 revolutions per minute. Novibra reports the Crocodoff clamping crown offers improved cutting and reduces yarn breakage during start-up. Other reported benefits include reduced energy consumption and maintenance costs. Hall W4, Booth C07.

France-based NSC fibre to yarn — a company comprised of N.Schlumberger and Seydel — will highlight changes to the ERA combing machine, a new GN8 intersecting drawing machine, and upgrades to the GC30 family of drawing machines. The company also will present information about its new service center located in Zhangjiagang, which offers genuine NSC spare parts. Hall W4, Booth C06.

Oerlikon Manmade Fibers, Germany, will exhibit under the motto “From Melt to Yarn,” and will present several innovations for the man-made fiber manufacturing sector including state-of-the-art methods for environmentally friendly direct spin-dyeing using 3DD mixer technology and latest-generation high-speed winders for a variety of manmade fiber yarns. Oerlikon Barmag will showcase its WINGS POY 1800 yarn winder, which offers increased productivity in the same amount of production space as its predecessor; and the WINGS PA HOY take-up concept for economical nylon yarn production. The group also will exhibit the new Force S 1000 compact plant for economical staple fiber production in small lots of up to 15 tons per day and the WinTrax winder for high-performance yarns. Hall W3, Booth F01.

France-based Petit will exhibit its full line of technology including covering spindles; spare parts for textile machines, looms, texturizers and two-for-one machines; and ceramic yarn guides and tensioners. Hall W2, Booth B24.

Belgium-based Picanol Group will exhibit a wide variety of its rapier and air-jet weaving machines including the OMNIplus Summum, OMNIplus-X and OptiMax. For the first time, the company will exhibit the new GTMax-i rapier machine, which has a reinforced gripper system and heavier machine drive for increased production speeds. Hall A02, Booth E1.

Germany-based ring traveler manufacturer Reiners + Fürst GmbH & Co. KG will exhibit its TURBO chromium-coated rings for high-spindle speed spinning; AVUS travelers suitable for fine and sensitive yarn spinning; as well as updated J-travelers and nylon travelers. Hall W2, Booth G12.

Reiners + Fürst’s TURBO chromium-coated rings

Italy-based Savio Macchine Tessili S.p.A. will introduce the new Polar/E Premium for the first time at an international exhibition. According to the company, the machine offers total freedom in machine layout and fully automated feeding, and is designed to handle bobbins of any shape and quality in an efficient manner (see page 36). The company also will display the Orion Super M automatic winder. Hall W5, Booth C01.

Japan-based Shima Seiki Mfg. Ltd. will present its technology in three zones: the Breakthrough Zone for current needs; the Wholegarment® Zone for upgraded needs; and the Expansion Zone for diversified needs. The Breakthrough Zone will present the SVR machine, the intarsia MACH2SIR machine and the SCG122SN coarse gauge machine. In the Wholegarment Zone, Shima Seiki will demonstrate the MACH2X with four needle beds, and the new SWG-N2 series machine for the production of small items. The Expansion Zone features two new machines for diversified market needs: the SRY machine for full control over pressdown of individual loops; and the newly updated SIP inkjet printing machine. Hall E4, Booth D01.

PTC Group company Spindelfabrik Suessen GmbH, Germany, will highlight compact ring- spinning solutions as well as open-end rotor-spinning technology. At its booth, the company will demonstrate a ring-spinning machine that features a HP-GX 3010 Top Weighting Arm, the ACP Quality Package NT and its known EliTe®Compact spinning system. Suessen will show its Modernisation SpinBox SQ as a drafting model equipped with its ProFil® Rotors, ProFil Navels, ProFil Pads, TwinDiscs, TorqueStop, Solidring, Fibre Channel and the ProFil Cartridge. Hall W4, Booth C07.

SSM Schärer Schweiter Mettler, Switzerland, will launch five new products — with details of two machines to be unveiled at the show — and demonstrate six machines at its booth. The company will introduce for the first time in China the SSM TW2plus-W, a precision winder for dyeing packages and rewinding applications. The winder features electronic fastflex™ yarn-laying technology for a made-to-measure cross-wound package. SSM also will highlight the TK2-20 CT/KT for sewing-thread finish winding. SSM Giudici will introduce the TG1-FT manual false-twist-texturing machine and the TG1-AT air-texturing machine. Hall W2, Booth H01.

At ITMA Asia + CITME 2014, Switzerland-based Stäubli will show a variety of technology from its portfolio including cam motions, dobbies, and electronic Jacquard machines with harnesses, as well as weaving preparation systems with automatic warp drawing-in, and leasing and warp-tying machines. The company will demonstrate the SX  Jacquard machine equipped with a specific harness with 12,600 cords working in conjunction with a water-jet weaving machine operating at a rate of 1,000 insertions per minute. Some other highlights in the booth include a LX3202 Jacquard machine with 12,288 hooks, and a rapier weaving machine with SX Jacquard machine weaving car-seat fabric. Stäubli also will show the third generation of its S3060/3260 series rotary dobbies, the refined positive cam motion type 1681, and the universal positive rotary dobby type 2658. Stäubli group company Schönherr will present carpet samples featuring the new Magic Weft Effect 3 and Magic Shadow Effect technology at the Stäubli booth; and group member Deimo will exhibit its state-of-the-art electronic drives and controls in Hall E5, Booth C11. Hall E2, Booth E01.

Germany-based H. Stoll GmbH & Co. KG will highlight the following machines at the show: the CMS ADF-3 multi-gauge for multifaceted possibilities; the CMS 830 C knit & wear for fully fashioned, intarsia and knit-and-wear applications; the CMS 502 HP multi-gauge high-production knitting machine; and the CMS 530 HP multi-gauge compact fully fashioned knitwear machine. The company also will showcase its software solutions including the M1plus®-software. Hall E4, Booth C01.

H. Stoll will exhibit the CMS 830 C knit & wear machine.

France-based Superba will exhibit its bulk continuous filament (BCF) carpet yarn heat-setting technology including the TVP3 heat-setting line; the new MF400 friezing machine; the B401 fully automatic winder; LV3 steaming and shrinking line for heat-setting acrylic yarns; and the eight-color MCD/LA space-dyeing machine. Hall W3, Booth G01.

Germany-based knitting machine manufacturer Terrot GmbH will participate at the show with its partner Terrot Hongkong Ltd. A Terrot I3P 8-lock knitting machine will be on display at the booth to show the new E28 fine gauge, which offers a wide variety of knitting structures including combinations of rib and interlock stitches. Some other features of the machine include: special-shaped cams for a variety of stitch types; Quick Change for simple gauge changes from E10 up to E363; Terrot Control Panel for easy machine programming; motorized take-down device with electric roller drive; and special yarn-feeding mechanism suitable for all yarn including elastomeric yarns. Terrot also will exhibit jacquard machine model UCC548T featuring Piezo needle selection. Hall E5, Booth G07.

Trützschler GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, will present technology from its four business areas — spinning, nonwovens, man-made fiber and card clothing — as well as products from China-based Truetzschler Textile Machinery Shanghai (TTMS). In the spinning area, Trützschler will show several new machines for the first time at a trade fair: the Truetzschler-Toyota Superlap TSL 12 combing machine, which features a multi-drive system for optimal speed with sensitivity and precision; the Toyota-Truetzschler Comber TCO 12, which has a twin-drive system for reduced shaft torsion and vibration; and the new Integrated Draw Frame IDF 2, which has a completely new drafting system. The company also will show its Draw Frame TD 8 featuring Servo Creel, a new input sensor Disc Leveller and a quality monitoring system with Disc Monitor. TTMS will highlight its Truetzschler Card TC 8, which features the T-Con setting optimizer and the Magnotop flats system. In the nonwovens area, Trützschler will highlight complete systems from fiber-opening to web-winding for hydroentangling, needling, thermobonding and chemical bonding processes. Trützschler Man-made Fibers will exhibit technology for staple-fiber and filament-fiber manufacturing including texturing units for BCF yarns, compact systems and two-stage staple fiber lines. Trützschler Card Clothing will present all its products and services for card clothing including special clothing for openers or opening rollers. Hall W2.

The Toyota-Truetzschler Comber TCO 12  features a Twin-Drive system.

Switzerland-based Uster Technologies AG will teach visitors to its two booths about Total Contamination Control — a new concept developed after its recent acquisition of Jossi Systems AG. The company reports the key to this concept is the combination of the USTER® Jossi Vision Shield and Uster Quantum 3 yarn clearer. Uster will exhibit the full range of Uster instruments for lab and in-process fiber and yarn testing including the Uster Classimat 5 system, the Uster Tester 5, Uster Tensorapid 4, Tensojet 4 and the Uster Zweigle HL400, among other instruments. Hall W5, Booth G01 and Hall W4, Booth G09.

France-based Verdol manufactures a complete range of technology for filament-yarn production. At the show, Verdol will showcase the GU Advantage, a new covering machine for mass-market production; and the UT Advantage, a new industrial yarn twister. In addition, the company will have information about its technology for carpet-yarn and glass-yarn production; the Monitoring Unit System for Textile machinery (M.U.S.T.) plant management system; and its spare parts and service offerings. Hall W2, Booth B22.

April/May/June 2014