ITMF Annual Conference: Rebalancing The Power Between Manufacturing & Retail

The 2013 ITMF Annual Conference will be held in Bregenz, Austria, Sept. 8-10, 2013. The conference
theme, “Rebalancing the Power between Manufacturing and Retail,” was chosen to shed more light on
the changing relationship between producers and retailers following the difficult and volatile
business environment the global textile supply chain was facing. In this context, the conference
will take a closer look at the role of e-commerce and social media in today’s business models.

Volatile raw material markets, sovereign debt crises, currency disputes, political
instability in some countries and regions, an unfinished Doha Trade Round, looming protectionism,
growing world population, demographic changes, climate change — these are just a few of the short-
and long-term challenges that have far-reaching implications for the global textile value chain.

More than 20 high-level experts from around the world covering relevant aspects along the
total textile value chain — from fiber to retail — will present their analyses and views during the
conference in Austria.


The 2013 ITMF Annual Conference will be held at  the Festival and Congress Hall in
Bregenz, Austria.

The following topics, among others, will be discussed during the conference:

  • Metrics for Sustainability in Cotton Production;
  • DNA Analytical Test Systems for Cotton;
  • Regional Markets for Manufactured Fibers: Overview and Outlook;
  • Viscose Fibers: Application Areas;
  • Europe’s Textile Industry: How to Remain Competitive;
  • How E-Commerce and Social Media Influence the Textile Supply Chain;
  • The Global Textile Supply Chain: Constant Change;
  • Retail’s Perspective on the Textile Supply Chain;
  • China’s Textile Industry — Today and Tomorrow;
  • The Global Textile Machinery Market Situation;
  • Development Potentials for Technical Textiles; and
  • New Paradigms in Textile Product Development and Production.

ITMF conference participants also will have the opportunity to attend the 52nd Dornbirn
Man-made Fibers Congress (Dornbirn-MFC), which will take place September 11-13, directly following
the ITMF Annual Conference, in the neigboring city of Dornbirn. Organized by the Austrian Man-made
Fibers Institute, Dornbirn-MFC attracts hundreds of specialists from all over the world. ITMF
conference participants may attend the Congress at a reduced registration fee.

July/August/September 2013