ShanghaiTex Technology Exhibitor Preview

A preview of just some of the technology that will be on display at ShanghaiTex 2013, as
provided by show organizers

Knitting & Hosiery Machinery

In the knitting area, Hong Kong-based
Saxonia Knitting Parts Asia Ltd. will display its line of guide needles, pattern
jacks, thread guides and sub assemblies for knitting, warping, crochet, Jacquard and embroidery

Terrot GmbH will exhibit electronically and mechanically controlled single- and
double-jersey circular knitting machines with diameters from 8 to 48 inches. The company offers a
variety of gauges from fine up to E 54 depending on the fabric type.

Wellknit Machinery Co. Ltd. will present a variety of knitting machines including
a flat knitting machine, circular knitting machine, seamless underwear knitting machine, 8-inch
double-computer Jacquard machine, and a sock knitting machine.

Xinchang Shenlong Machinery Co. Ltd. reports it will exhibit its 6F fully
computerized plain and terry socks knitting machine, which features no drum computer control; an
automatic alarm system to monitor needle problems, yarn breaks and electronic latch faults; and
uninterruptible power system protection.


Fabric created using Terrot’s SCC572 circular knitting machine

Printing, Dyeing & Finishing Machinery & Textile
Chemicals/Digital Printing

Arioli S.p.A. will showcase its latest generation steamer, which is the result of
technological innovations, upgrades and developments implemented to provide an even better quality
finished printed fabric with lower maintenance costs.

Asia Kingdom Machinery Industry Co. Ltd. will highlight its AK-DSL downward
running tube-type dyeing machine. The machine is suitable for dyeing a wide range of fabric types
including spandex, woven, microfiber, and warp and circular knit fabrics.

Datacolor Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. will present its Datacolor Viewport™ for
color control on heathers, lace, denim, towels, printed/patterned fabric, wall coverings and
multicolored products.

Erhardt + Leimer (Hangzhou) Co. Ltd. will display its new latest ELCUT BTA80 edge
trimmer, which features an actuator that allows exact manual positioning using two push buttons or
uses a sensor for automatic positioning.

Hong Kong-based
Kornit Digital Asia Pacific Ltd. will highlight the Kornit Allegro, a one-step
production ink-jet printing line that offers the shortest printing cycle from file preparation to a
finished printed fabric.

Q-Lab China will showcase the QUV accelerated weathering tester. The machine
exposes test materials to alternating cycles of ultraviolet (UV) light – using special fluorescent
UV lamps – and moisture – produced by water spray and/or condensing humidity – at controlled and
elevated temperatures.

SDL Atlas Ltd. will display a variety of its textile testing instruments including
the Digital Elmendorf Tearing Tester, PnuBurst Pneumatic Bursting Strength Tester, Hydrostatic Head
Tester, Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester, Moisture Management Tester, Digital Air
Permeability Tester, and Atlas Fade-Ometer®. The company reports it also will debut some new
equipment at the show.

Thies GmbH & Co. KG will exhibit its iMaster H2O dyeing range that provides
significant water, chemical, heating and cooling energy savings, according to the company. Thies
also will promote soft flow and air type fabric dyeing machines as well as yarn dyeing and the
latest version of its pressure dryer for cost-effective yarn drying.

Zimmer Maschinenbau GmbH will present the latest technology from its textile and
carpet finishing lines including flat screen printing machines; rotary screen printing machines;
hot flues; coating, combining and laminating machines; and ink-jet printing machines.

Fong’s National Engineering (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. will showcase its dyeing and
finishing machinery from its brands: Fong’s; Goller; Then; Xorella; Monforts Fong’s; and Fong’s
Water Technology. The company offers complete solutions for pre-treatment dyeing and after
treatment such as high-temperature dyeing autoclaves, atmospheric pressure dyeing apparatus,
jet-dyeing machines and dyeing machines for hosiery.


Fong’s will exhibit the latest Then-Airflow® Synergy high-temperature piece dyeing machine
featuring a combined direct rinse method and power rinse process for increased time

Spinning & Techtextile Machinery

Andritz Küsters GmbH offers a variety of machinery for nonwovens production
including calenders, wet finishing equipment and wetlaid nonwovens lines. The company specializes
in providing customized solutions.

Andritz Perfojet S.a.s. is a single source solution for spunlace fabric
production. Its neXline spunlace lines feature the Excelle carding system, Jetlace
hydroentanglement process, neXaqua dewatering unit, Perfodry through-air dryer and neXcal twin
embossing calendar for spunlace fabric production.

Rieter Textile Systems (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. will display units of its four-end
spinning machines: the G 35 ring-spinning machine; the K 45 compact-spinning machine; R 60 fully
automatic rotor-spinning machine; and the R 35 semi-automatic rotor-spinning machine; and the J 20
air-jet spinning machine.

Saurer Jintan Textile Machinery Co. Ltd. will present the JSC228A carding machine
for processing cotton, man-made cellulosic fibers and medium staple length man-made fibers. The
machine features a pneumatic rotary web collector, four front and six rear twin-linked stationary
flats made of aluminum alloy, and long-term and short-term autolevellers incorporating open and
closed loop systems.

Savio (Shandong) Textile Machinery Co. Ltd. will showcase the Sirius two-for-one
twister and the Polar/E automatic winder – two machines developed especially for the requirements
of the textile market in China. The Sirius twister is equipped with independent inverters and
motors that allow all processing parameters to be set the machine’s PC. The Polar/E winder features
automatic bobbin feeding and package doffing.

Trützschler Card Clothing will highlight its card clothing produced for the
spectrum of cards and roller cards.

Trützschler GmbH with its China-based
Truetzschler Textile Machinery (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. division will exhibit the TC 8
card, and the TD 7 and TD 8 draw frames.

Trützschler Nonwovens & Man-Made Fibers GmbH will showcase a variety of
machinery for nonwovens and man-made fibers production including twisters, staple fiber cutting
machines, bulking and crimping machines, needle felt looms, dry process nonwoven lines, drafting
systems and cylinder drying machines.

Uster Technologies reports it will exhibit online monitoring instruments, yarn and
fiber laboratory equipment, the M-Series quality measuring instruments developed specifically for
the Chinese market, and the new USTER® Statistics 2013.


Trützschler’s TD 7 draw frame features a drafting system directly on the can changer to
offer space savings.

Weaving Machinery

Elbit Vision Systems will display its quality control vision empowered process
monitoring systems for a wide variety of applications including woven, multiaxial reinforcement
fabrics and laminates.

Hong Kong-based
Lamiflex-Asia Ltd. will exhibit its line of Made-in-Italy rapier tapes and drive

Itema Weaving Machinery China Co. Ltd. will present the R880 rapier weaving
machine. The machine offers a maximum operating speed of 550 picks per minute, and a maximum weft
insertion rate of 1,200 meters per minute.

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April/May/June 2013