Textile Olympics

ccurring quadrennially since 1951, the International Exhibition of Textile Machinery
(ITMA) is now in its 60th year. The exhibition takes place in a different European city each cycle,
and is now gearing up for its 2011 edition, which will be held in Barcelona, Spain, at the Fira de
Barcelona Gran Via Sept. 22-29, 2011.

Owned by the European Committee of Textile Machinery Manufacturers (CEMATEX) and organized
by exhibition and conference planners MP International Pte. Ltd., Singapore, ITMA generally is
considered to be the textile machinery industry’s Olympic event. CEMATEX strives to make the event
the best of its kind for providing a meeting place for buyers and sellers of textile equipment, and
showcasing the latest technology. To guarantee high-quality exhibits, CEMATEX insists all
exhibitors bring at least one brand-new piece of technology to the show.


The Fira de Barcelona Gran Via will host ITMA 2011.


ITMA 2007 in Munich, Germany, hosted 1,451 exhibitors from 41 countries and more than
118,000 visitors from 151 countries. The biggest group of visitors came from Europe. More than 22
percent traveled to the show from Asia and the Middle East.

It is estimated that more than 1,400 exhibitors will participate in this year’s show, and
more than 120,000 visitors are expected.

“ITMA is a recognized brand and we are delighted that the industry continues to support our
showcase of innovative textile making technology,” said Stephen R. Combes, president, CEMATEX.
“What is even more heartening is that over 15 percent of the exhibitors have applied for bigger
booth space compared with their 2007 participation. This is a really positive sign that industry
players are optimistic about the future.”

Exhibit Categories

CEMATEX announced several new categories have been added to its technology chapters. Garment
making machinery, which previously had been grouped with making-up equipment, will now have its own
chapter. Embroidery and braiding equipment, previously grouped together, also will have their own
separate chapters.

In addition, a new chapter on fibers and yarns — focused on natural, man-made and technical
fibers and yarns — will be included this year. “As an established industry exhibition, ITMA is also
constantly looking at ways to be more customer-focused,” Combes said. “In fact, over the last few
months, we have received several requests from leading fiber manufacturers as well as from visitors
to our shows asking us to include fibers and yarns in our product index.”

“Our main aim is to help textile and garment manufacturers be more efficient in their
sourcing,” said Sylvia Phua, ITMA project director and MP International CEO. “Hence, we have added
raw materials in the exhibit profile.”

To support the new fibers and yarns chapter, show organizers have entered into a working
agreement with the International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO), Brussels. “We believe there are
outstanding synergies between IWTO and ITMA as we share many objectives,” said Peter Ackroyd, vice
president, IWTO. “As such, one of the collaboration opportunities being explored is a natural fiber
pavilion, including a prominent wool section, at ITMA for our members to showcase their innovative

Other organizations supporting the new fibers and yarns chapter include the Synthetic Yarn
and Fiber Association, Clover, S.C.; Alexandria Cotton Exporters Association, Egypt; Hong Kong
Woollen & Synthetic Knitting Manufacturers Association; Peruvian Cotton Institute; Taiwan Wool
Textile Industrial Association; The Hosiery Association, Charlotte; and several cotton boards based
in Africa and other parts of the world.

Leading fiber and yarn producers have already applied to exhibit at the show, including
Hermann Bühler AG, Switzerland; Lenzing AG, Austria; and Texplan S.A., Spain.

With the inclusion of the new sectors, ITMA exhibits will be divided into 18 chapters
including: spinning; winding and texturing; nonwovens production; weaving; knitting and hosiery;
garment making and other textile processing; embroidery; braiding; dyeing, printing and finishing;
dyestuffs and chemicals; testing; recycling; logistics; software; research and education; services;
equipment for plant operations; and fibers and yarns.


ITMA 2007 in Munich hosted 1,451 exhibitors from 41 countries and more than 118,000
visitors from 151 countries. Photo by AlexSchelbert.de

Research & Education Pavilion

ITMA will feature a Research & Education (R&E) Pavilion as a venue for research
groups and educational institutions to present their projects, areas of interest and educational
programs. Groups interested in participating may apply for a stand or elect the more cost-effective
option of presenting a poster.

The pavilion also will feature a Speaker’s Platform. R&E exhibitors may make 20-minute
presentations of textile products, polymers and process technology. Applications for a time slot
should be submitted in the form of a 250-word abstract by May 16, 2011. A Technical Committee will
review the submissions, and time slots will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.

“We believe that businesses must continue to invest in developing innovative processes,
products and manufacturing capabilities,” said Jeroen Vits, secretary general of the Belgian
Textile Machinery Association (SYMATEX), and chairman of the ITMA 2011 R&E committee. “In
addition, human capital must be developed to the fullest. There must be more dialogue and
cross-fertilization of ideas between commercial and academic organizations to encourage synergistic
collaboration, and to ensure a continuous stream of new ideas and innovations.

“ITMA 2011 will be an excellent platform for exploring strategic partnerships, exchange of
ideas, and networking,” Vits continued. “We hope more organizations will take up this opportunity
to showcase or share their expertise in projects, as we will have well over 100,000 exhibitor and
visitor personnel converging at our exhibition.”

IFAI’s Advanced Textiles Conference

The Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI), United States, will host its fourth
Advanced Textiles Conference September 26-28 alongside ITMA.

“Technical textiles is a very important sector and we welcome IFAI to organize the Advanced
Textiles conference at ITMA 2011,” said Maria Avery, secretary general, CEMATEX. “We see it as a
win-win partnership as both of our events focus on innovation, which is one of the most important
drivers of business success today. The conference will further enhance our value proposition to the
global textile and garment industry members converging at ITMA.”

Advanced Textiles ’11 will highlight technical textiles innovations, offering presentations
by industry experts on topics including a market overview, electronic interactive materials,
biohazard/extreme environment, and complex materials applications, among other topics.

“IFAI’s Advanced Textiles ’11 is a champion of the new spirit and game-changing technologies
in the textile industry,” said Stephen Warner, IFAI president and CEO.

“Our mission is to inspire people, and we bring the network and knowledge together at our
event with future-looking experts in the field of technical textiles. The global demand for new
applications is driving exciting breakthroughs in the advanced textiles community.”

Fira de Barcelona is the largest trade fairground in Spain. CEMATEX and MP International
look forward to bringing a world-class exhibition to the venue and the beautiful city of Barcelona.

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April/May/June 2011