ITMA Asia + CITME 2010 Technology

AESA Air Engineering, France, will introduce its latest developments in
air-conditioning and waste-collection systems including the energy-saving Weave Direct and the
Digivent control system. Hall W2, Booth A06.

Loris Bellini S.p.A., Italy, will showcase its line of dyeing machinery, dosing
systems and process automation technology. Hall W5, Booth C04.

Bierrebi Italia S.r.l., Italy, will exhibit its line of cutting technologies. Hall
W5, Booth C87.

Brückner Trockentechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, will exhibit a variety of
energy-efficient technologies including the latest-generation Power-Frame tenter featuring the
patented Split-Flow air circulation system; the Power-Shrink compressive shrinking unit for woven
fabrics including denim; the Power-Colortherm hotflue dryer and Power-Infratherm infrared dryer,
which are compatible with the company’s Pad-Dry/Thermosol dyeing lines; and the Power-Therm DT
double-belt oven for the nonwovens industry. Brückner also will provide information about its
coating units. Hall W5, Booth D12.

Calemard, France, will present its solutions for slitting, rewinding and spooling,
with an emphasis on products for technical cutting applications such as technical textiles and
nonwovens. Hall W4, Booth A13.

Comez S.p.A., Italy, will showcase its range of crochet knitting machines, weaving
needle looms and double-needle-bed warp-knitting machines as well as patterning software. The
Comeztronic CT-16B/600 electronic crochet knitting machine, the Comez 609/B8 high-efficiency
crochet knitting machine, the Comez CLX/EL electronic needle loom for narrow fabrics, and the MCJ
700 electronic jacquard needle loom for lace and ribbon production will be highlighted. Hall E4,
Booth A10.

Decoup+, France, will exhibit its solutions for continuous ultrasonic cutting and
sealing. Hall W4, Booth A14.

Dollfus & Muller, France, will introduce a new high-performance compacting
felt for knitted fabric finishing. Hall W5, Booth B02.

ITMA Asia Tech Dornier

Lindauer Dornier GmbH will present its latest-generation weaving machinery during the show,
including the PS rapier-weaving machine for technical textiles and the PX rapier weaving machine
for apparel and home décor fabrics — both featuring Dornier’s rapier gripper technology. Hall E4,
Booth B01.

Fil Control, France, and its China-based subsidiary
Fil Control Co. Ltd., will introduce a new version of its MDL-B electronic length
meter that is suitable for technical yarn measurement. The company also will exhibit a range of
yarn cutters, different sensor technologies and quality control devices. Hall W2, Booth B60.

Fong’s National Engineering Co. Ltd., Hong Kong, and
Fong’s National Engineering (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd., China, will exhibit the Jumboflow
and Jumboflow-Super high-temperature dyeing machine featuring a Multi Saving Rinsing System and
Advanced Intelligent Rinsing System Plus, The Allfit-1 Small Batch Dyeing Machine suitable for
sample batches weighing as little 1 kilogram, and the MicroWin Mini Sample Yarn Dyeing Machine for
yarn packages weighing between 200 and 300 grams. Hall W5, Booth B01.

Goller Textilmaschinen GmbH, Germany,
Goller (HK) Ltd., Hong Kong, and
Goller Textile Machinery (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd., China, will introduce a modular pad
steam range for continuous dyeing of knitted fabric. Hall W5, Booth B01.

Groz-Beckert KG, Germany, a designer and manufacturer of tools and systems for
textile and nonwovens production, will showcase its new products including knitting machine parts
and structuring needles. Hall E2, Booth B01.

Icomatex S.A.
, Italy, will exhibit the latest-generation IC-10 and IC-8 tenter
frames. The company also will highlight its new Dual-Heat heating system, which uses a combination
of gas and thermal oil to ensure a reliable, continuous heat source; the Ico-Save heat-recovery
system; IC-Prod production management system with the optional IC-Remote; the Icorelax dryer
designed for low residual shrinkage, soft hand and high productivity; the IC-Coat coating
technology and the Icofix tubular heat-setting technology. Hall W5, Booth C21.

Laroche S.A., France, will exhibit its new insulation felt Airfelt line; the new
Flexiloft+ Airlay line with an extended weight range; and the latest developments in waste
recycling, opening and blending. Hall E1, Booth A02.

Mahlo GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, will focus on sustainability and resourceful
energy management. The company will introduce the Atmoset SMT-12 dynamic cylinder dryer control
system, which offers energy savings of up to 15 percent by using the product specific dryer
control. Mahlo will exhibit the Optipac VMC-12, Ecomat AML and Permaset VMT process control systems
that also were designed to provide energy savings to a manufacturer. At its 100-square-meter booth,
the company will demonstrate several products including the Orthopac XRVMC-12 web straightening
technology, Webscan WIS-12 online defect detection system, Aqualot AMF microwave moisture-measuring
unit and the Samplecut FSC-12 sampling unit. Hall W5, Booth A03.

Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH
, Germany, will present its warp-knitting
machines and warp-knitting preparation machinery including the RSE 4-1 lightweight raschel machine
that features lightweight carbon fiber components in the bar area to provide increased efficiency.
The company also will showcase products from its Jacquardtronic® lace and seamless machinery lines.
Hall E1, Booth A54.

Mayer & Cie., Germany, will introduce the S4-3.2 R circular knitting machine,
which was engineered to offer maximum flexibility when knitting a striped fabric. The
34-inch-diameter machine has 108 feeders, and up to three colors can be knit per feeder on all 108
feeders. Alternatively, up to six different colors can be knit over 54 feeders. The company reports
it also will highlight the S4-3.2 II knitting machine with an E44 gauge. Both machines come
equipped with Mayer & Cie.’s “Quick-Change” feature for fast gauge conversion.


At ITMA Asia + CITME 2010, Italy-based Itema Weaving will highlight weaving machinery from
its three brands – Sulzer Textil, Vamatex and Somet – including the new Vamatex R880 rapier weaving

Mesdan S.p.A., Italy, will highlight its new Jointair®, Aquasplicer® and Hot
Jointair® yarn splicers, as well as the Elmatic automatic digital Elmendorf Tearing tester. The
Elmatic automatically executes the tear test, can measure samples in ranges of 200 to 30,000
centiNewtons; and features a safety cover with lock, large liquid crystal display and Elmatic
software, among other features. Mesdan’s Lab Division will display the MT-5 evenness tester,
Autodyn fully automatic yarn strength tester and the nine-position Martindale abrasion and pilling
tester. Hall W2, Booth A52.

Monforts Fong’s Textile Machinery Co. Ltd., and
Monforts Fong’s Textile Machinery (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd., China, will present the
Montex 6500, now available to the Chinese market. Fong’s Industries Group partnered with
Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG to bring “Monfongs” machinery to the
Chinese market including the Monfongs 328/329 tenter frame range, the 828 ES tenter frame range
with heat recovery system, relaxation dryer, continuous dyeing range, shrinking range and beam
winder, among other products. Information will be available at the booth about all of the Monfong’s
machinery. Hall W5, Booth B01.

Jakob Müller AG, Switzerland, will exhibit a cross-section of its current
narrow-fabrics products including machinery for rope production and textile printing. Visitors to
the booth also will be able to speak with Müller engineering, customer service and sales
representatives about the company’s products. Hall E4, Booth A04.

NSC nonwoven (Asselin-Thibeau)
, France, will have information on its turnkey lines
for spunlacing, needlepunching and thermobonding including Axcess nonwoven machinery, Excelle®
cards, IsoProdyn® weight distribution regulator, drafters, needle looms, winders and slitter
rewinders. Hall E1, Booth A04.

Oerlikon Textile GmbH & Co. KG
, Germany, will exhibit equipment and accessories
from its five brands under the slogan “Innovation Remains the Key to Success.” Oerlikon Barmag will
present a new fully-drawn yarn technology for quality yarn at reduced conversion costs. The company
also will exhibit a multi-end system concept for industrial yarns, as well as new features for its
eFK texturing machine.
Oerlikon Neumag will highlight polyester and spun-dyed automotive bulk continuous
filament (BCF) carpet yarn machinery at the show, as well as production lines for man-made staple
fiber production. For the nonwovens sector, Oerlikon Neumag offers carding technology, multi-beam
lines for medical and hygiene nonwovens production and a meltblown fabric system.
Oerlikon Saurer will introduce the Saurer Era embroidery machine for design
samples and small orders; and highlight the Volkmann FT two-for-one twisting machine and Allma TCS
Technocorder for industrial yarns.
Oerlikon Schlafhorst will showcase its portfolio of rotor-spinning machines from
the Autocoro S 360 to the new BD 416, which offers up to 416 spinning units and a new
electronically controlled high-precision drive system. In addition, the company will exhibit the
Zinser 351 Impact FX roving technology, and the Autoconer X5 winding technology.
Oerlikon Textile Components – which comprises the Accotex®, Texparts®,
Fibrevision®, Daytex®, Heberlein® and Temco® product lines – will show the new Accotex J-465 cot,
Texparts Zero Underwinding technology and the latest-generation Fibrevision Fraytec systems; as
well as technology from Daytex, Heberlein and Temco for continuous man-made fiber filament
production. Hall W2, Booths C51 and C52. 

Perfojet, France, together with parent company Andritz Küsters, Germany, will
present its latest spunlace and spunjet technologies such as the Jetlace® Essentiel, Jetlace 3000
machine and Spunjet® technology. The company also will highlight spunlace parts it has designed
including hydroentanglement injectors and the MP+® and MPP patterning sleeves. Hall E1, Booth A05.

Petit S.A., France, will have information on its activities in the areas of spare
parts trading, maintenance, spindle production and custom parts design. Hall W2, Booth D20.

Picanol NV, Belgium, will introduce a new air-jet weaving machine at the show. The
technology for the Omniplus-X – which was designed to meet the needs of the mid-end segment of
China’s weaving industry, and is manufactured at Picanol’s facility in Suzhou, China – is based on
Picanol’s Omniplus 800 technology. The new Omniplus-X, available in 190-centimeter (cm) and 220-cm
widths, is currently only available to weavers in China. At its booth during the show, Picanol also
will demonstrate a number of machines including an Omniplus 800-6-R 190 machine weaving a women’s
wear fabric, the OptiMax-6-R 190 weaving a fabric suitable for outdoor furnishings, an
Omniplus-X-2-P 190 machine weaving a shirting fabric and a GT-max-8-J 340 weaving an upholstery
fabric. Picanol weaving machines also will be exhibited at the Stäubli and Bonas booths during the
show. Hall E4, Booth B03.

Rieter Machine Works Ltd.
, Switzerland, will introduce a new ring-spinning machine
at ITMA Asia + CITME. The G 32 ring-spinning machine was designed to offer an excellent
price-to-performance ratio according to the company. Rieter also will showcase its E 66 combing
machine and samples of Com4® compact yarns, ComfoRo® rotor yarns and ComforJet® air-jet yarns. Hall
W2, Booth B03.


Italy-based Savio S.p.A. will introduce the new generation Sirius two-for-one twister at ITMA
Asia + CITME 2010.

Savio S.p.A., Italy, will show the Polar I/DLS automatic link winder. According to
Savio, the yarn is processed completely untouched from speed frame bobbin to the final package
because of its unique spinning frame to winder closed-loop feeding system. The winder also features
a variety of energy-saving and computerized monitoring technologies to offer the most precise,
economical and efficient operation. Hall W2, Booth A70.

Stäubli International AG, Switzerland, will demonstrate its latest jacquard
weaving technology on two different weaving machines at its booth. The company’s Weaving
Preparation division will present an automatic drawing-in machine, warp tying machines and a
multi-layer warp-leasing machine for wide warps. In addition, Stäubli Group company Schönherr will
exhibit new carpet samples produced on the Alpha 400, and group company Deimo will highlight its
state-of-the-art electronic control solutions for various textile machines. Hall E4, Booth C01.

Steel Heddle, United States, a Global Textile Partner (GTP) and Picanol Group
company, will introduce a new range of heddles featuring advanced materials including Dura Weave,
Power Weave, Hydro Weave and Silk Weave heddles. The company also offers a plastic heddle called
Eco Weave for water-jet weavers, as well as the HybridPower 158 carbon fiber heddle frame for
high-speed weaving applications. The company also will showcase specialty products such as its leno
and Jet Eye® heddles. Hall E4, Booth B03.

SwissTex France S.a.s., France, will highlight a variety of industrial yarn
preparation machinery including the UT50 universal two-for-one twister, UTC60 universal two-for-one
twister and direct cabler, and the UTW30 and 40 universal two-for-one twisters and winders. Hall
W2, Booth D22.

Superba S.A., France, will showcase the TVP3 heat-setting line, which consumes
almost half of the energy consumed by previous-generation machines. Hall W2, Booth A09.

Terrot GmbH, Germany, along with its partner company
Terrot Hong Kong Ltd., will focus on its S296-2 model knitting machine at the
show. The 34-inch-diameter machine features gauge E 28, 109 feeders and two to four needle tracks.
The machine is suitable for producing fashion, children’s wear and sportswear fabrics using cotton
and man-made yarns. Terrot reports the S296-2 features central and individual stitch adjustment, a
re-engineered knitting head with convertible cylinder needle and wear-resistant zirconium yarn
carriers with spandex rolls, among other features. Hall E2, Booth D01.

Then Maschinen GmbH, Germany, and
Then Maschinen (HK) Ltd., Hong Kong, will showcase the Then-Airflow™ Lotus for the
first time at a show in Asia. The company also will exhibit a two-port Then-Airflow Synergy 600 G2
high-temperature dyeing machine. Hall W5, Booth B01.

Trützschler GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, will exhibit machinery from all
Trützschler Group companies on one stand at the show.
Trützschler Spinning, comprised of Trützschler and
Truetzschler Textile Machinery (Shanghai) will showcase a foreign part detection
and separation system.
Trützschler Card Clothing will showcase the FGX1 cylinder clothing, which offers
improved combed yarn quality and requires less frequent maintenance than previous-generation card
Trützschler Nonwovens, including
Fleissner and
Erko Trützschler, will present its latest nonwovens innovations, including the
Erko EWK413 card designed for cotton-based spunlace materials, the Erko EK150 card suitable for
high-speed spunlace lines, Fleissner Aqua Jet and special systems for producing high-tech
filtration materials. Hall W2, Booth C03.

Xorella AG, Switzerland, and
Xorella Hong Kong Ltd., Hong Kong, will showcase the XO-Series vacuum conditioning
and heat-setting machine at the show. Xorella reports the machine’s XO-steaming system produces
100-percent saturated steam while saving on energy consumption. Hall W5, Booth B01.

April/May/June 2010