ITMA Asia + CITME Technology

Andritz Küsters GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, will exhibit a range of its products
and services, including the following: for wetlaid nonwovens, neXline wetlaid for production
ranges; in ultrasonic technology, neXcal ultrasonic; in nonwoven calenders with Hot S-Roll
technology, the neXcal series; for nonwoven finishing, neXkiss, neXkiss twin, neXaqua, neXdos,
neXchem series and neXdetect technologies; and in textile calenders, teXcal S-Roll and teXcal
hycon, among others.
Hall E1, Booth A22.

Atlas Copco
, Belgium, will introduce the ZR 160 VSD (Variable Speed Drive)-FF (Full
Feature) ER, an oil-free rotary screw compressor that features integrated IMD dryer hot water
energy recuperation; a ready-to-use package that requires no foundation; and low-cost installation.
The company also will feature the new ZR 55-315 VSD-FF series of water-cooled, oil-free rotary
screw compressors.
Hall W5, Booth D50.

Benninger AG
, Switzerland, will showcase the new Versomat sectional warping machine,
suitable for production of sample warps and short warps. The Versomat features a specially designed
robot that allows sectional warping of sections as small as 4 millimeters, offering cost-effective
warp production using significantly fewer bobbins in the creel, as well as optimized use of yarn
and partial creel operation. Since Benninger acquired Küsters Textile GmbH (Switzerland), it now
offers the Küsters DyePad, which features new S-Roll technology for maximized dyer flexibility.
Hall E5, Booth B09.

Küsters DyePad from Benninger AG

Brückner Trockentechnik GmbH & Co. KG
, Germany, will showcase its intelligent
solutions designed to save energy for the dyeing and finishing sector. Highlights include the
patented Brückner split-flow air circulation system; a pre-tenter padder with efficient squeezing
unit to remove up to 50 percent of applied water; and heat recovery systems such as the
retrofittable air-to-air heat recovery system, retrofittable air-to-water heat recovery system and
integrated Eco-Heat back-pack heat recovery system. Brückner also will exhibit the
latest-generation Power-Frame tenter with modular design; the Power-Relax 1, 2 or 3 relaxation
dryers for tensionless drying, shrinking and relaxation of knitted, tubular and open-width fabrics;
the Power-Compact Combi universal compactor for compacting knitted and woven fabrics; the
Power-Infratherm infrared predryer; and the Power-Shrink high-capacity sanforizing line.
Hall E1, Booth A02.

Brückner Trockentechnik GmbH & Co. KG’s high-capacity Power-Shrink sanforizing

Clariant International Ltd.
, Switzerland, will highlight new chemical and dyestuff
solutions, including a sulfur system for denim and casualwear; a new generation of C6
chemistry-based fluorocarbons including the Nuva® N series, which features soil-release properties;
and finishes for activewear featuring properties such as natural self-cleaning, soil and stain
release, water repellency, wash’n wear, moisture transport, rapid dry and HyDry.
Hall E3, Booth D02.

Comez S.p.A., Italy, will present three crochet knitting machines: the Comeztronic
CT-16B/600, an electronic machine designed to produce high-quality, complex elastic and non-elastic
laces, flounces and bra straps; the Comez 609/B12, a high-efficiency modular machine designed to
produce a wide range of complex and elaborately patterned laces, bands and ribbons used for
lingerie, undergarments, sportswear and accessories; and the Comez 610 ACO/V, a high-technology,
high-speed machine that uses compound needles to produce technical articles as well as ribbons and
laces that feature both rigid and elastic lockstitch.
Hall E6, Booth C03.

Comeztronic CT-16B from Comez S.p.A.

Lindauer Dornier GmbH
, Germany, will present five weaving machines at ITMA Asia +
CITME 2008. Dornier PS and PX rapier weaving machines as well as the AS air-jet weaving machine
will be displayed in the Dornier booth. The Stäubli booth will feature a Dornier air-jet weaving
machine weaving car seat fabric, and Van de Wiele will show a Dornier rapier weaving machine
combined with its Bonas Jacquard machine weaving upholstery and tapestry fabrics. Dornier’s
finishing machinery division will exhibit its newest-generation EcoSinge® singeing machine with the
patented Dornier circular expander.
Hall E1, Booth A18; and Hall E5, Booth A32

Fleissner GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, will showcase its product lines for both the
textiles and the nonwovens industries. Textile products include: for tufted carpets – continuous
printing and dyeing lines that feature a dye-liquor applicator, carpet steamer and circular tenter;
for loose-stock fibers, tops and tows – continuous processing lines and finishing systems including
a drying line for bleached and dyed fibers, a raw wool scouring line and an anti-felt finishing
line for wool tops; impregnation lines for tufted and needle-felt carpets; for woven and knit goods
– finishing lines such as the HT-SteamSet heatsetting line for tubular goods; a non-latex
carpet-backing system; and kiss-roller applications for the carpet industry. Fleissner‘s nonwovens
technologies include: the AquaJet-Spunlace system for spunlaced nonwovens; LeanJet for reduced
production capacities; AquaJet lines for bonding and softening spunbonds; AquaJet lines for two-
and three-layer composites with pulp and spunbonds, or using the patented Aquapulp System for
pulp/spunbond/staple-fiber webs; lines for roofing felt production; Steam Jet bonding of nonwovens;
the MiniJet laboratory line; and a high-speed foam foulard for resin bonded products. Fleissner
also offers peforating and structuring shells to impart to the web a wide range of designs during
Hall W4, Booth B15.

Fleissner GmbH & Co. KG’s AquaJet-Spunlace system

Fong’s National Engineering Co. Ltd., Hong Kong, will highlight its Jumboflow and
Jumboflow-Super high-temperature dyeing machines suitable for light- to heavyweight fabrics; the
Eco-88D high-temperature dyeing machine developed to process light- to mediumweight man-made fiber
fabrics; the Allwin high-temperature package-dyeing machine, which features a low 1:4 liquor ratio;
the Allfit-1 small-batch fabric-dyeing machine designed for preparing sample fabrics in weights as
low as 1 kilogram; and the MicroWin mini sample-yarn-dyeing machine.
Hall E1, Booth A05.

Forté Technology Inc.
, United States, will demonstrate its 2760 and 7760 Windows
XP®-based moisture-measuring instruments. The 2760 was designed for inline measurement of moisture
in fiber bales, as well as pallets, cartons and boxes of cones. The instrument may be used in
conjunction with the new Forté Moisture Layer Distribution Profile, which complements the main
moisture measurements by scanning the bale several hundred times to read small “slices.” The data
are used to create a moisture profile of the layers or wet regions within a fiber bale, which can
be displayed graphically. Forté’s 7760 was designed to measure the moisture in individual packages,
bobbins or cones of spun or filament yarn. Both machines use electromagnetic fields to measure
moisture content and therefore do not come into direct contact with the sample being tested.
Hall E3, Booth D56.

Goller Textilmaschinen GmbH
, Germany, will debut its newly designed Knitcolora Pad
Steam dyeing range. According to Goller, this range for knitted goods provides ideal dyeing
conditions during the entire passage through the range, which results in a finished fabric with
dimensional stability. The company reports the benefits include reproducibility, quick results,
good fabric performance and also a minimization of the amount of water and energy used in the
Hall E1, Booth A05.

Groz-Beckert KG
, Germany, will present a variety of textile production innovations,
including a range of precision parts, systems and services for knitting, weaving, felting, tufting
and sewing. As Groz-Beckert plans to further expand its distribution and service activities, the
motto “Today’s dreams can be tomorrow’s products” will be a part of its message.
Hall E4, Booth B01.

Vistors to the booth of
Huntsman Textile Effects, Switzerland, will be able to learn more about the
company’s Smart Processes and Innovative Effects. Huntsman is focused on creating innovative
solutions to help conserve the world’s resources in textile production and care. According to the
company, Smart Processes help reduce water and energy use, improve process efficiency, reduce
exposure to hazardous chemicals and reduce aqueous waste and off-gasses. Innovative Effects reduce
the amount of energy required to care for garments and keep them looking newer for longer, minimize
the need to iron, keep clothes fresher without washing, protect from the sun’s ultraviolet (UVA)
and UVB rays, and leave the wearer dry and comfortable.
Hall E1, Booth, B12.

Icomatex, Spain, will exhibit the IC10-IC8 series tenters, which feature the new
ICprod management system; the Icorelax relaxation dryer for all types of fabrics in open-width or
tubular form; the IC801AC coating unit with doctor blade, which can be installed with the Icoscreen
coating unit; and the Icofix tubular heatsetting machine.
Hall E2, Booth C09.

Itema Weaving, Italy – and its
Sulzer Textil,
Itema Shanghai,
OMV and
Actex brands – will exhibit a complete range of weaving machines and accessories
at the show. The company will highlight the EK808 rapier weaving machine manufactured by Itema
Shanghai, which is a successor to the K88. Machines that will be demonstrated at the company’s
booth during the show include: Itema Shanghai’s EK808 190 rapier machine for heavy denim; Itema
Shanghai’s K88 340 rapier machine for bed sheeting; Itema Shanghai’s L88 190 air-jet machine for
corduroy; Itema Shanghai’s L88 230 air-jet machine for man-made fabrics; Vamatex’s Silver HS 190
rapier machine for high-quality shirting; Vamatex’s Silver Dynaterry 260 machine for bath mats;
Somet‘s Mythos ETEC 190 air-jet machine for cotton apparel; Sulzer Textil’s P7300HP V8 S540 N2 EP
D12 projectile machine for coating fabric; and Sulzer Textil’s G6500F B240 F8 J rapier machine for
bath towels.
Hall E6, Booth A05.

Kern-Liebers Knitting Parts GmbH & Co., Germany, will exhibit knitting
elements including sinkers, sliders, selectors, inserts, assemblies and precision parts for
single-and double-cylinder sock machines, circular- and flat-knitting machines, and its new
knitting needles. The Saxonia Textile Parts GmbH division will showcase its warp-knitting and
raschel machine parts, which consist of guide needles, sinkers and other flat parts, subassemblies,
components and plastic composite parts for different textile applications. The Bayerische
Nadelleistenfabrik Paul Liestner GmbH division will present pinned components, specifically its new
pinned rollers for clamping, cutting, perforation, fibrillation, fixation and transportation.
Hall E4, Booth D05.

Laroche S.A.
, France, will highlight the new Jumbo-Exel 4+2 for respinning-grade
shoddy, the OV and Exel fine openers dedicated to airlay production, the Flexiloft airlay machine
for nonwoven mats, the Resinfelt compact airlay technology for moldable felts, a recycling process
for soft cotton waste, a bast fiber scotching and cleaning process and the Minitrim HSP high-speed
edge-trim opener.
Hall W4, Booth C05.

Loepfe Brothers Ltd., Switzerland, will highlight its YarnMaster® Zenit, which now
features an additional clearer channel for the detection of the optical coefficient of variation,
extending quality monitoring for ring and compact yarns; as well as the MillMaster® central and
bidirectional online quality management system for YarnMaster data.
Hall W2, Booth B04.

Loepfe Brothers Ltd.’s YarnMaster® Zenit C

Marzoli S.p.A., Italy, will showcase the CM600N comber, FTSDN roving frame and
MP1N spinning frame. The CM600N comber features new nippers for selective combing of the fibers,
new movement of the detaching rollers to improve overlappings and achieve high sliver quality,
reliable production with a greater-than-90-percent efficiency, and reduced production costs.
Marzoli has tested and put into production a 24-meter-long FTSDN roving frame with 6-inch by
16-inch flyers, 192 spindles, and with and without autodoffing. The company claims the machine
saves space, reduces spare parts costs and simplifies bobbin transportation. The MP1N spinning
frame with up to 1,344 spindles is fully electronic and features thinner tubes with a higher taper
value for a heavier bobbin with reduced volume, variable spinning speed for reduced energy use,
independent multimotor drive, a built-in fancy yarn system and fast automatic doffing.
Hall W4, Booth B02.

Mayer & Cie. GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, will showcase three circular knitting
machines: the Ovja 2.4 E, D4-3.2 and S 4-3.2 R. The Ovja 2.4 E jacquard knitting machine, which has
92 feeders, will be exhibited for the first time. The company reports its increased number of
feeders will be especially suitable for mattress manufacturing. The D4-3.2 double-jersey machine is
available in a Quick-Change version for fast gauge changeover, which simplifies the gauge-change
process and reduces resetting times, according to Mayer & Cie. The S 4-3.2 R single-jersey
machine for striped knits can be converted to the basic S 4-3.2 machine.
Hall E4, Booth C06.

Mayer + Cie GmbH & Co. KG’s S 4-3.2 R single-jersey machine

For warp knitting,
Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH, Germany, now offers a dual product line –
one range of basic, affordable machines equipped with magnesium bars; and a second line of
high-speed carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) technology machines. The latest developments in
both lines will be on display at ITMA Asia + CITME, including a high-speed tricot machine with CFRP
bars. According to the company, its new Textronic® Lace and Rascheltronic® machines offer lace and
curtain manufacturers faster, more flexible and more user-friendly operation than comparable
machines on the market. The Textronic TL 43/1/24 for relief lace production offers speeds of up to
600 meters per minute (m/min) and 14 strings of pattern bars behind the fall plate for greater
design possibilities. The Rascheltronic RSJ 5/1 EL jacquard raschel machine operates at speeds of
up to 1,100 m/min and can produce both stretch and non-stretch lingerie fabrics, tulle and sports
fabrics. At the show,
Karl Mayer Malimo will highlight its position as a technical textiles specialist.
Warp-knitting machines with parallel or multiaxial weft insertion for bonding or combining
nonwovens, and raschel machines with weft insertion for geogrid and geononwovens production will be
on display. Karl Mayer also will unveil a new organizational structure for its warp-preparation
machinery group. The machines produced by Karl Mayer, Karl Mayer Rotal, Sucker and Ira L. Griffin
will in the future be marketed under the Karl Mayer or Karl Mayer RotalSucker names. The company
will open a new production facility for its Chinese subsidiary Karl Mayer (China) Ltd., in
Changzhou on July 26. Visitors to ITMA Asia + CITME are invited to view an in-house exhibition at
the facility after the official opening ceremony on the 26th.
Hall E4, Booth D12.

Morrison Textile Machinery, United States, will exhibit its denim-preparation HLT
450 ball warper and UPB 550 long-chain beamer/ rebeamer. According to the company, the addition of
these products makes Morrison a one-stop source for indigo-warp-dyeing equipment and
denim-shrinking and -finishing machinery. The company also will highlight its FCS control system,
which was designed to safeguard the production process and is supplied with all Morrison ranges. In
addition, Morrison will showcase its YieldMAX™ system, a key component of the SanforTROL™
closed-loop control, designed to optimize fabric yield by calculating compressive shrinkage in a
production situation. YieldMAX calculates three independent shrinkage results every 2 linear
meters, which are displayed in inches, centimeters or as a percentage. YieldWare™ software, an
optional feature, collects and stores data for statistical and historical analysis.
Hall E1, Booth B11.

Oerlikon Textile GmbH & Co. KG
, Germany, will exhibit its five brands at ITMA
Asia + CITME 2008 under the slogan “Circle of Success.”
Oerlikon Barmag will focus on its new Wings partially-oriented-yarn machine,
featuring a winder with integrated godets and intermingling unit; the i-QOON double winder, which
now allows 24-fold spinning of fully drawn yarn; and a new texturing machine that combines the
features of the Cocoon and FK6-1000 machines.
Oerlikon Neumag will showcase its complete product line, including airlaid,
carding and spunbond nonwovens systems. A bulk-continuous-filament carpet-yarn technology will be
on display, as well as a new plant concept for the production of synthetic staple fibers at outputs
of up to 400 metric tons per day.
Oerlikon Saurer will exhibit innovations for twisting and embroidery systems,
including the new WinPro concept for long-staple spinning; solutions for tire cord, technical plied
yarns and fancy yarns from its
Allma product line; high-productivity machines for staple-fiber yarns,
glass-filament yarns and carpet yarns from its
Volkmann product line; and shuttle and multi-head embroidery machines from
Oerlikon Schlafhorst will present original solutions for ring spinning, winding
and rotor spinning, including the new Autoconer 5 winding machine with Preci FX, the new Autocoro S
360 rotor-spinning machine with DigiPiecing, CompACT3 spinning solutions featuring Zinser
ring-spinning machines and the new Zinser 360 ring-spinning machines.
Oerlikon Textile Components – which comprises the
Enka Tecnica,
Fibrevision and
Texparts product lines – will occupy its own booth at the show to demonstrate its
yarn manufacturing components business, which covers staple-fiber spinning, filament spinning and
nonwovens processes.
Hall W2, Booths C02-D02 and Booth B06.

Oerlikon Barmag’s i-QOON double winder

Research & Innovation Textile Machinery (RITM)
, France, will showcase a wide
range of yarn-processing machinery, including its JD 1200 Speedmaster air covering machine for
fine- and medium-count yarn processing; the UT 50-733 two-for-one twister for industrial yarn; the
latest improvements in its glass yarn machinery; carpet yarn machinery such as the CDDT 10, CDDT
20, CDDT 30 and Wool Touch®; CP machinery for tire cord; and its M.U.S.T. plant management system.
Hall W2, Booth A01.

The CDDT 10 carpet yarn machine from Research & Innovation Textile Machinery

Rieter Machine Works Ltd.
, Switzerland, will exhibit innovations for short-staple
fiber spinning at ITMA Asia + CITME including: the new K 45 compact spinning machine, available
with up to 1,632 spindles and equipped to spin up to six different yarn types; the SB-D 11
single-head draw frame, which features an outlet speed of up to 1,100 m/min and an automatic can
changer; and the new-generation E 66/E 76 comber, which has an output of 74 kilograms per hour of
combed sliver at 500 nips per minute and an 80 gram-per-meter batt weight. The company also will
showcase new and improved versions of its C 60 card and R 40 rotor-spinning machine. Yarn and
fabric samples on display – including COM4® compact yarn, ComfoRo® rotor yarn and Rotona® rotor
core yarn products – will illustrate the capabilities of the Rieter product line.
Hall W4, Booth D01.

The K 45 compact spinning machine from Rieter Machine Works Ltd.

Savio Macchine Tessili S.p.A.
, Italy, recently opened ISTMA, a new manufacturing and
assembly company in China’s Shandong province. Three products on display at ITMA Asia + CITME 2008
are machines assembled at ISTMA: the Savio Xcl automatic winder created especially for the Chinese
market to offer high quality, high production, low energy consumption, low maintenance and reduced
investment cost; the Geminis S two-for-one twister; and the Cosmos two-for-one twister. Savio also
will showcase the Twist&Twist twisting technology that offers a 33-percent increase in spindle
capacity without an increase in energy consumption, the Polar L fourth-generation automatic winder
with manual feed, the Polar D.L. System automatic link-type winder, and the FlexiRotorS 3000
open-end spinning machine.
Hall W4, Booth B04.

Savio Macchine Tessili S.p.A.’s Xcl automatic winder

Sclavos, Greece, will showcase improved features of its Athena2 fabric-dyeing
machine, including an advanced automation system that results in high right-first-time operation;
the Aquachron2G continuous washing system, which has low water and energy consumption; and the Twin
Soft Flow dyeing system for gentle fabric treatment. Sclavos also will highlight the Sclavos Heat
Recovery system, which, according to the company, can save up to 40 percent of required energy; the
Dry Salt Logistics system, which manages dry salt handling in dyehouses; and the ph-Total Dissolved
Solids unit, a system that improves repeatability and dyeing savings in fabric-dyeing machine
Hall E2, Booth D32.

Athena2 fabric-dyeing machine from Sclavos

Spindelfabrik Suessen GmbH, Germany, will exhibit its new-generation
EliTwist®CompactSet V5, equipped with the Coreflex® core yarn system for ring-spinning machines in
compact and conventional ring spinning, the new EliTube 5star®Tube design, 5starplus lattice apron
for short-staple compact spinning, HP-GX 3010 top weighting arm, ACP quality package EliVAControl
V.2 to monitor suction power, and EliVario frequency-controlled drive for the EliVac suction
system. The company also will highlight the top weighting arms HP-GX 4010 for roving frames and the
HP-GX 5010 for worsted spinning frames; as well as the ProFiL® family for premium parts for
open-end rotor spinning including ProFiL navels, trash channel modernization for SE 9 Autocoro
machines and the Solidring with CR-coating.
Hall W4, Booth D02-06.

SSM Schärer Schweiter Mettler AG, Switzerland, will exhibit several applications
for yarn processing and winding. In dyeing/rewinding and assembly winding machines, the company
will feature the new DP5-W Digicone® fastflex™; the PW2-W Digicone fastflex; the TW2-W and D
Digicone preciflex™; and the CW2-W and D Classic Wind™. In air texturing, it will feature the new
TW2-T Digicone preciflex. In sewing thread/finish winding, it will feature both the new TK2/20K
King-spool finish winder and the new TK2/20C Cone finish winder.
Hall W2, Booth D01.

SSM Schärer Schweiter Mettler AG’s Hacoba TK2/20C cone finish winder

Stäubli AG, Switzerland, will highlight three new developments: S1352 high-mounted
positive cam motion suitable for water-jet weavers; LXE 1602 electronic jacquard machine designed
for lighter-weight fabrics woven at high speeds; and CX 180 jacquard machine with 192 hooks, which
is adaptable to needle looms for ribbon weaving. In addition, the company will present an overview
of its most current equipment – including cam motions, dobby machines, electronic jacquard machines
and harnesses and weaving preparation systems – all demonstrated on a variety of working machines
on display at its booth as well as the booths of partner companies around the show. Stäubli group
Schönherr carpet systems also will display carpet samples manufactured on its new
Alpha 400 carpet-weaving machine. New Stäubli group member
Deimo will showcase its state-of-the-art electronic control solutions for textile
Hall E5, Booths A13 and A23.

Stäubli AG’s S1352 assembly

Steel Heddle®, United States, a
GTP (Global Textile Partner) and
Picanol Group company, will celebrate its 110th anniversary at ITMA Asia + CITME.
To mark the occasion, visitors to the GTP booth can register to win 110,000 state-of-the-art
heddles from Steel Heddle. The company’s frames include patented R-flex corner connections for
decreased operational stress in both profile and side braces, integrated heddle dampers to control
heddle movement and vibration, and glued heddle rods to eliminate weaknesses found in riveted
Hall E6, Booth B12.

Stoll GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, will exhibit a cross-section of its CMS
flat-knitting machines, software applications and a brand-new pattern collection developed
specifically for ITMA Asia + CITME. The company will highlight the Stoll-multi gauges® product
line, which allows the production of pattern effects in multiple gauges on one machine; and
accessories for Stoll machines including intarsia yarn carriers and plating inserts. In addition,
Stoll will present a new “specialist” complete garment production machine with a working width of
86 inches.
Hall E4, Booth A03.

Then Maschinen GmbH, Germany, will highlight the Then-Airflow® Synergy, which
offers a 1:2 liquor ratio for man-made fibers and a 1:3 or 1:4 liquor ratio for natural fibers. The
company also will illustrate the Then Dyehouse System (TDS) for dyehouse control; the automatic
Chemical Dispensing (CHD) System for chemical and liquid dyestuffs in quantities from 50
milliliters to several hundred liters; and the Automatic Dissolving Station (ADS), which functions
as an interface between powder and liquid dyestuffs. In addition, Then will show the HST top-class
beam-dyeing machine, which can bleach and dye both woven and knitted fabrics in open form.
Hall E1, Booth A05.

Thies GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, will debut three new products in Asia from its
range of high-tech yarn- and fabric-dyeing machinery. The Luft-roto plus SII fabric-dyeing machine
– used to process all types of fabrics, fibers and blends – features a unique nozzle design and a
highly efficient blower, which enables reduced process time and energy consumption, according to
the company. The ecoMaster fabric-dyeing machine for knits, a new generation of the eco-soft plus,
features innovations in liquor transfer, liquor penetration and process technology; and offers
reduced energy use and shortened process times. The LabMaster – a 1-kilogram laboratory
fabric-dyeing machine – is designed for research and development, quality assurance and lab
matching trials.
Hall E1, Booth B07.

In its 500-square-meter booth at ITMA Asia + CITME,
Trützschler GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, will feature machines produced in Germany
– such as the new TC 07 card – and machines built at Trützschler Machinery Shanghai in China –
including the new TC 5-3 card, which will be presented to the public for the first time. The TC01
comber, with a production rate of up to 500 nips per minute, will be highlighted at the center of
the booth. Trützschler also will introduce the TD 02 and TD 03-600 draw frames to Chinese visitors.
According to the company, the TD 02 without leveling is a space-saving and economical model. The TD
03-600 features an output of 600 m/min and is designed for combed, ring-spun yarns. Trützschler
also will highlight compact blow-room installations and the Securoprop SP-FP foreign part
separator, which detects and separates transparent parts such as white polypropylene and foils.
Card clothings made from special alloys also will be presented by Trützschler Card Clothing.
Hall W2, Booth C01.

Trützschler GmbH & Co. KG’s TC 07 card

U.T.I.T. Wagner Automation S.p.A., Italy, will exhibit two of its labor-saving,
automated systems for the spinning sector. The company’s bobbin transport system eliminates the
need to handle bobbins manually or to maintain intermediate storage areas where the bobbins can
age, deteriorate or become soiled. The cone handling system, which automates collecting and
packaging and customizes the flow of final packages, interfaces with the production line while
providing independent package-handling and packaging; and eliminates manual handling of the cones,
optimizes production and storage space utilization, and provides final production feedback.
Hall W2, Booth A25.

NV Michel Van de Wiele, Belgium, will debut at ITMA Asia + CITME 2008 its Velvet
Tronic VTR33 velvet weaving machine, which will be shown weaving 74 warp ends per centimeter in
Italian velvet. Equipped with a 1,728-pile-dents reed, the VTR33 draws in two pile warp ends and
eight ground warp ends in each reed dent. An LJV electronic jacquard developed for face-to-face
velvet controls both pile and ground warp yarns. Utilizing a filling selector of 2 x 6 colors, the
VTR33 combines pile surfaces with flat- woven effects on Italian velvet, creating weave structures
such as figured double cloth on flat-woven areas. The Velvet Tronic VTR23 – a plain and dobby
velvet weaving machine – will be displayed alongside the VTR33. Van de Wiele also will show the
Carpet & Rug Pioneer CRP92 face-to-face carpet-weaving machine, with 20-percent greater
production than other weaving machines, according to the company. The following also will be
exhibited: samples of carpets and area rugs woven on the Master in Axminster MAX63; hand-look
carpets woven on the Hand Look HLX83; super-shaggy long-pile area rugs and artificial grass woven
on the Shaggy Rug Pioneer SRP92; and rugs combining high-cut pile and high-loop pile woven on the
Universal Shaggy-loop Pioneer USP93.
Hall E6, Booth C02.

VeriVide Ltd., England, will showcase its DigiEye non-contact, digital imaging
system that captures and measures color and appearance on previously immeasurable items including
lace, buttons, marls and irregular samples. DigiEye integrates the DigiGrade system to digitally
assess colorfastness. The DigiEye Large Area Imaging System to be displayed at the show is a
walk-in cabinet that enables full garments or outfits to be color-assessed in a controlled,
evenly-lit environment. In addition, VeriVide will display its color assessment cabinets, such as
the CAC 60 in both Marks & Spencer and US standard specifications; the CAC 60 CU Conditioning
cabinet; and the PAV Pilling Assessment Viewer.
Hall E3, Booth A35.

Xorella AG
, Switzerland, will introduce its new XO-Smart and XO-Select series of
vacuum-steam conditioning and setting machines. At the core of these machines is the XO-Steaming
System, which uses intermediate vacuum technology and internally produced, 100-percent saturated
steam. The XO product lines incorporate low-energy usage into a simple design and require minimum
maintenance, according to the company.
Hall W2, Booth D15.