ITMA Technology

At ITMA 2007,
A.B. Carter Inc., Gastonia, N.C., will exhibit spinning accessories including
travelers, rings, tapes and belts, bobbins, splicing systems, knotters, stroboscopes, yarn break
detectors and textile laboratory equipment. Hall A6, Booth 202.

Amsler Tex AG, Switzerland, will exhibit its devices for the production of slub
and core yarns. The devices can be fitted on any type of spinning frame, according to the company.
Hall A3, Booth 457/554.

Andritz Küsters GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, will present a cross section of its
nonwovens products and services — including calender technology and developments in wetlaid
technology — under the motto “nonwoven excellence.” The company will highlight the neXchem
impregnating padder for nonwovens, which will be available after ITMA for trials on a Reicofil
pilot line at the Saxon Textile Research Institute. Hall B3, Booth 203/302.

Argelich, Termes y Cia S.A. (ATYC), Spain, will introduce the Evodye machine
designed for processing cotton and man-made goods. The machine features simple operation, high
flexibility, short processing times, and low water and energy consumption — using less than 40
liters of water per kilogram (kg) of fabric for a complete reactive dyeing cycle. Hall C1, Booth

Atlas Copco Kompressoren und Drucklufttechnik GmbH, Germany, will showcase its
range of air compressors. Hall B6, Booth 258.

Atlas Material Testing Technology GmbH, Germany, will exhibit its state-of-the-art
weathering technology at ITMA 2007. The Ci4000 Weather-Ometer® now features a digital control
system, and full-color TFT touch-screen display and additional memory capacity. Atlas also will
display the Xenotest® Alpha+ tester, which performs light- and weatherfastness tests in accordance
with basic textile testing standards, as well as manufacturer-specific tests. Hall A4, Booth 338.

Beck Circular Knitting Machines S.r.o., Slovakia, will present its line of
circular knitting machines including the BSM 2100 Open, which is suitable for knitting very
fine-count yarns; the Double-bed Beck Interlock machine; and the High Speed close Jersey model,
which offers a high rotation speed. Hall A1, Booth 205.

Bekaert Carding Solutions NV, Belgium, will introduce new coatings and steels that
improve production output on cards, and a large handling system for continuous wiring of card
cylinders with a surface area of up to 15 square meters. Hall A4, Booth 235/336.

Loris Bellini S.p.A., Italy, will highlight innovations in dyeing equipment. Hall
B1, Booth 473/568.

Benninger AG, Switzerland, will introduce technologies in weaving preparation and
textile finishing. In weaving preparation, the company will demonstrate the Versomat sectional
warping machine, which features a specially designed robot that allows sectional warping of
sections as small as 4 millimeters (mm); and the Multitens yarn tensioner, which measures yarn
tension at the creel outlet through a closed loop system and ensures uniform tension throughout the
warp. In textile finishing, Benninger will display the Trikoflex LT-V retention compartment,
Trikoflex LT-DB washing compartment and Extracta LH washing compartment. Hall B6, Booth 127/226;
and Hall C4, Booth 161/262.

Betex Textilmaschinen und Zubehör Vertrieb, Germany, will exhibit needles, sinkers
and other machine parts for tricot, raschel, flat and circular knitting machines. Hall A2, Booth

Biancalani S.p.A., Italy, will promote its Airo®24 machine, designed to process
every type of open-width or continuous fabric in-line with other units, or as a stand-alone unit.
The machine offers a 400-kg-per-hour drying capacity, a 2,400-meters-per-minute (m/min) treatment
speed and a 40-m/min productivity speed. Typical applications include softening woven shirting and
bottom fabrics; lifting loops and adding softness and volume to terry fabrics; non-chemical
softening of technical and coated fabrics; relaxing and softening fabrics containing spandex; and
adding volume and softness to upholstery fabrics and pile fabrics. Hall C4, Booth 231/332.

Blue Fox Porini S.r.l., Italy, has been appointed Microsoft’s worldwide partner in
the textile and apparel sector. At ITMA, Porini will introduce a textile-and-apparel-specific
technology platform based on Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP stand-alone technology fully integrated with
AX standard. Porini also will highlight a new database product based on Microsoft SQL and Microsoft
Connectivity Tools; and Porini Weaving Manager, an advanced shop-floor control solution targeted to
all sizes and types of weaving facilities. Hall A2, Booth 217.

Brückner Trockentechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, will highlight its Power-Frame
tenters featuring a split-flow air circulation system and Power-Shrink sanfor range for optimal
compacting. The company also will introduce its latest innovation, the Power-Compact universal
compactor, which is suitable for large production quantities of both woven and knitted fabrics.
Hall C3, Booth 313/514.

Bruckner’s Power Shrink sanfor range

Cimi S.p.A., Italy, will present new developments in finishing machines such as
washers, desizers, dryers and vacuum steamers. Hall C3, Booth 321.

Clariant International Ltd., Switzerland, will present textile chemicals and
dyestuffs. Hall B1, Booth 165/268.

Comez S.p.A., Italy, will highlight new and updated machines in its line of needle
looms for narrow fabric production. Machinery will include: a new electronic double-needle-bed
warp-knitting machine available in 80-centimeter (cm) and 120-cm working widths and suitable for
technical articles, fabrics, ribbons and bands; new mechanical, jacquard and electronic weaving
needle looms; a range of crochet machines, with emphasis on a 20-weft-bar model offering increased
pattern possibilities; and software pattern programs for all Comez machinery. Comez reports that
all new machines come equipped with its latest-generation Data Control 4 Controller, which allows
for pattern repeats of up to a maximum 64,000 lines per pattern, driving newly engineered
actuators. Hall A2, Booth 437.

Cormatex S.r.l., Italy, will exhibit opening and cleaning lines, cards and web
laying machines, among other equipment. Hall A3, Booth 500.

Datacolor, Lawrenceville, N.J., will highlight the Ahiba IR™ dyeing unit, designed
to optimize recipes developed in the lab and bulk recipes used in production to reduce time to
market for finished goods. Ahiba IR features include: up to 20 dyeing positions operating at low
liquor ratios and suitable for all types of substrates; a multi-step controller featuring
icon-driven commands; and easy service and maintenance. Hall A4, Booth 259/360.

Dilo Maschinensystem GmbH, Germany, will exhibit nonwovens machinery and equipment
at the show. Hall B3, Booth 214.

Lindauer Dornier GmbH
, Germany, will highlight innovations in rapier and air-jet
weaving technology, as well as various finishing machines. Hall B4, Booth 249/352.

Dystar Textilfarben GmbH & Co. Deutschland KG, Germany, will show the latest
developments in dyes and chemicals. Hall B1, Booth 267.

Eksoy Textile Chemicals & Dyes, Turkey, will showcase its line of dyestuffs
and chemicals for the textile industry. Hall B1, Booth 147.

Epic Enterprises Inc., Southern Pines, N.C., will present its replacement parts
and rebuilding services for yarn preparation machines, twisting machines, cabling machines, and
heatsetting equipment, in addition to EpiMark color markers. Hall A5, Booth 122.

FA.NI S.a.s. di Faedo D. & C.
, Italy, will showcase the Sensorfil EXT-2 IWL
electromagnetic sensor, the LPS – Lighting Power Save module for Fani’s yarn break monitoring
system, BP-07 and BP-08 roving stop motion devices, compacting turbines RPM monitoring system and
Eureka spinning software. Hall A6, Booth 303.

Fleissner GmbH
, Germany, will present a selection of nonwovens machinery and
equipment, including the latest innovations in its AquaJet-Spunlace System — such as the LeanJet
for reduced production capacities; Jumbo-AquaJet for lines more than 5 meters wide; and SteamJet,
developed in cooperation with Germany-based STFI; among other machinery and equipment. For man-made
fibers, Fleissner will present calenders, crimpers, spinning plants and fiber lines, and special
machinery. The company also will present a range of continuous processing lines and finishing
systems for loose-stock materials, finishing lines for woven and knit goods, continuous printing
and dyeing lines for tufted carpets, and impregnation lines for tufted and needle-felt carpets.
Hall A3, Booth 107/302.

Fleissner’s circular tenter is based on perforated drum technology

Fong’s Industries Co. Ltd., Hong Kong, will exhibit the following products at ITMA
2007: Jumboflow and Jumboflow-Super high-temperature dyeing machines; Eco-88D ropefast
high-temperature dyeing machine; Allwin high-temperature package-dyeing machine; Allfit medium
batch-dyeing machine; and MicroWin mini sample yarn-dyeing machine. Hall C1, Booth 103/202.

Genkinger-Hubtex GmbH, Germany, will highlight a new weaving mill product line
featuring manual and motorized transport trucks for fabric beams and batches; manual warp beam lift
trucks with capacities of 700 to 3,000 kg; and 2,000 kg, 3,000 kg and 5,000 kg series motorized
warp beam lift trucks. Innovations for knitting manufacturers include a warp beam high lift truck
with a capacity of up to 4,000 kg for loading sectional beams in knitting and raschel machines.
Hall B4, Booth 350.

Giorgio Giamminola & C. S.p.A., Italy, will showcase temples, rapiers and
rapier tapes, shuttles, and other accessories for weaving preparation, weaving and tufting
machines. Hall B6, Booth 218.

Goller Textilmaschinen GmbH, Germany, a member of Fong’s Industries Group, will
showcase the following products at ITMA: the Dip-Sat Vario Plus, a pre-treatment technology used to
impregnate a fabric with desizing, scouring or bleaching chemicals; the Star Trans, which offers
underliquor treatment for post-dyeing or -printing soaping, for example; and Goller’s Sintensa
washing compartment, which offers tensionless washing. All Goller machinery is operated by the
Multidata drive system, which uses PCs and PLCs to set all electronic elements and machine
parameters. Hall C1, Booth 117.

Grob Horgen AG, Switzerland, a subsidiary of the Groz-Beckert Group, will present
its latest developments in weaving accessories including continuous movement dobby and cam shedding
motions from Groz-Beckert, high-performance aluminum heddle frames for high-speed weaving machines,
and leno heddles for riderless heddle frames used to manufacture leno binding fabrics for drapery.
Hall B3, Booth 202.

Grob Horgen’s heddle frame drive

Groz-Beckert KG, Germany, will exhibit jointly at ITMA with Groz-Beckert Group
subsidiary Grob Horgen. The company will showcase new technologies in needles and precision
components, and also will present information on its Technology and Development Centre currently
under construction in Albstadt, Germany. Hall B3, Booth 202.

GTP Accessories, Belgium, will demonstrate its newest developments in weaving
accessories including Steel Heddle® patented Jet-Eye heddles, Ultimate Polish heddles and harness
frames; Burcklé weaving reeds; and Te Strake D-type relay nozzles for air-jet insertion on any type
of weaving machine. Hall B4, Booth 304.

Heissschneide-Geräte und -Maschinen (HSGM) GmbH
, Germany, will showcase its
heat-cutting machines and equipment, fixtures and machines for cross-directional and straight-line
cutting, automatic length-cutting machines for ropes and belts, form cutters and form cutting
machines, and soldering and Styrofoam cutting equipment. Hall B3, Booth 249.

Heusch GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, manufactures high-quality shearing blades and
cylinders for all types of shearing machines. The company offers concave or caulked-in all-steel or
compound steel spiral shearing blades in thicknesses ranging from 1.5 mm to 4 mm. The blades can be
manufactured with a smooth front or with between 9 and 22 file cuts per centimeter, depending on
the type and density of the fibers to be sheared. Hall C4, Booth 215.

Hunter Associates Laboratory (HunterLab) Inc., Reston, Va., will showcase its line
of color-measuring instruments. Hall A4, Booth 237.

James H. Heal & Co. Ltd., England, will showcase the Truburst2 fully pneumatic
intelligent bursting strength tester, which complies with the ASTM D3786 test method and exceeds
the requirements of ISO 13938-2; the Accudry2 reverse-action standardized laboratory tumble dryer;
and the new-generation Apollo2 air-cooled, xenon arc light and weatherfastness tester. In addition,
the company will demonstrate many of its other testing instruments including the Flexiburn
flammability tester, Titan2 universal strength tester, Snagpod snagging resistance chamber,
Nu-Martindale 864 abrasion tester, and Orbitor pilling and snagging tester, among other testers.
Hall A4, Booth 145.

JOMAR Softcorp International Inc., Canada, will present its Enterprise Planning
and Scheduling Board designed for polymers, composites, performance fibers, yarns and fabrics, home
fashions and sewn products. According to the company, the real-time job and machine scheduling
system improves capacity utilization, customer services and inventory turnover by linking
forward-back scheduling with individual machine or machine group and department calendars, supply
chain management, enterprise resource planning, customer and purchase orders, work orders,
inventory availability and assignments, work-in-process, multi-level bills of materials/processes,
printing documents and barcode labels, packing, shipping, invoicing and drill-downs. Hall A2, Booth

Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH, Germany, will exhibit its warp preparation
equipment in Hall B6, Booth 305/400; and will present warp-knitting machinery in Hall A2, Booth

Kern-Liebers Knitting Parts GmbH, Germany, will present high-precision knitting
elements for knitting and warp knitting machinery, as well as pin plates for tenter frames. Brand
names offered by the company include Kern-Liebers, Saxonia, Leistner and Naplafa. Hall A1, Booth

Laroche S.A., France, will highlight the new Jumbo-Exel 4+2 textile waste
recycling line for respinning grade shoddy, Flexiloft airlay machine for nonwoven mats, and
Resinfelt compact airlay technology for semicured resinated felts, in addition to other recycling
and opening and blending technologies. Hall A3, Booth 119/320.

Lawer S.p.A., Italy, will demonstrate dispensing systems for powder and liquid
products, color kitchens and laboratory dispensing systems. Hall B1, Booth 459.

In the area of spinning solutions,
Loepfe Brothers Ltd., Switzerland, will highlight the Yarnmaster® Zenit quality
control solution and Millmaster® central quality management system. In weaving solutions, Loepfe
will demonstrate its Weftmaster® solution, which includes weft stop motions, short weft detector,
weft thread brakes, projectile brake, knot detector, weft feeler, fusible fabric cutters and yarn
stop motions. Hall A4, Booth 167/274

Luwa Textile Air Engineering AG, Switzerland, will highlight the latest TexFog
high-pressure humidification unit; latest-generation DigiControl 5 system for regulating,
controlling and monitoring all air-handling processes; Circulaire® ceiling cleaner; and
SpinTravClean® STC II traveling cleaner for spinning applications. Hall A6, Booth 538.

Marzoli S.p.A., Italy, will present its complete line of machinery for cotton
staple spinning mills from bale opening to yarn spinning. Hall A3, Booth 241/340.

Memminger-IRO GmbH, Germany, will introduce a number of new products in the areas
of yarn feeding, control systems and lubrication technology for the knitting sector, including the
recently introduced MRA 2 motor drive belt system and the MNC needle controller. Hall A1, Booth

Mesdan S.p.A., Italy, will showcase a variety of state-of-the-art yarn splicing
and lab testing equipment including the Mesdan-Lab line, Hot Jointair splicer, mini spinning lab,
splice scanner, modular automatic strength tester, and testing equipment for technical textiles and
protective clothing, and for dyeing and finishing. Hall A4, Booth 203/302.

A. Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, will introduce a Toptex
compressive shrinking unit, a “tumble” action DynAir relaxation dryer, an integrated coating device
for its multifunctional Montex tenters and an online service portal for new machines. According to
Monforts, the redesigned Toptex/Monfortex compressive shrinkage unit offers increased residual
shrinkage and production speeds, automatic grinding and reduced cooling water consumption.
Monforts’ heat recovery system is now fitted on all DynAir units and offers up to 25-percent
savings in energy costs and payback.

The integrated coating device is designed for foam and paste application of acrylic and
silicone products on woven and nonwoven fabrics. Hall C3, Booth 331/534.

Jakob Müller AG Frick
, Switzerland, will showcase a variety of machinery and
equipment for ribbon and narrow fabrics production including Mücard2 software for weft-patterned
warp and coarse knits; RibbonCAD software for needle looms; MDLM Tafeta harness-free loom for
jacquard-patterned labels with soft selvages; TVT knife system for cut labels; MDR42 with new picot
system and weft-thread transport; MDK80 electronically controlled raschel machine; Mücreel roll-off
creel for warping elastic and nonelastic yarns; NF…ED electronically controlled needle loom for
elastic and nonelastic tapes and medium-weight webbing; and the Spider K continuous operation,
single-end dyeing and finishing machine for elastic and nonelastic tapes. Hall B3, Booth 314.

Müller’s MDLM Tafeta harness-free loom

Neuenhauser Maschinenbau GmbH, Germany, will display its latest products in
separate booths for spinning and weaving. In the spinning hall, the company, which will share a
booth with Sohler-Neuenhauser and Autefa Automation, will show factory automation products ranging
from can transport systems to package handling and palletizing, including a gantry palletizer. In
the weaving hall, Neuenhauser will co-exhibit with Sohler-Neuenhauser and Genkinger-Hubtex; and
will introduce its Opti Winder with servo drive and combined surface/center winding principle for
technical fabrics, and its Eco Winder for standard fabrics and any weaving machine. Hall A5, Booth
351; and Hall B4, Booth 350.

NSC fibre to yarn
, France, will offer complete spinning lines — including combing,
Tow To Top, recombing, preparation/spinning, semi-worsted unit, combing/spinning, and flax and flax
tow — based on cards, combing machines, converters, gills and finishers. Major innovations include
quick mechanical settings, touch-screen settings, memorized recipe recall, low operating and
maintenance costs, online machine control and remote diagnoses, and high quality and production
reliability. NSC’s newest production range includes the Era 40 combing machine, featuring new
concepts and quality standards, significantly increased productivity, and reduced operating costs;
the GC 30 chain gill, which includes a new drafting head and offers delivery speeds of 600 m/min;
and the FMV 40 vertical rubbing frame. Hall A3, Booth 119/320.

NSC nonwoven
, France, will introduce the Batt Cruise drafter, which increases
drafting speed by more than 50 m/min; A.50 RS needleloom type SDV-2 HD for high-density velour
carpets; IsoProDyn® system for lower-weight, more even nonwovens; and the A.50 RL needleloom for
single-stroke, double-stroke and velour production. The company also will highlight the
VantageWinder as well as new features on its Excelle® card including TSD® air flow, patented A
frame®, LDS® and WID® doffing and transfer systems, IPC rack, quick frame opening and VarioWeb®.
NSC nonwoven will join with Rieter Perfojet and Laroche at ITMA to show their synergy and
capability to provide turnkey nonwovens lines to customers. Hall A3, Booth 119/320.

Oerlikon Barmag, Germany, will showcase its complete product line for man-made
fiber production including polycondensation solutions, and the FlexiDye® system for dye packages.
Oerlikon Barmag and Oerlikon Neumag also will present their plant design and engineering services
together for the first time at the show. Hall A5, Booth 325.

Oerlikon Neumag, Germany, will unveil BCF carpet yarn technology that builds on
the S5 and S3 machine models, the latest spunbond developments, a new concept for staple fiber
production, Octir woolen and worsted technology and Autefa baling presses. The company will exhibit
nonwovens technology from its portfolio including Neumag spunbond technology, J&M meltblown
technology — formerly Nordson Fiber Systems — M&J airlaid technology, FOR carding technology,
Fehrer needlepunching and aerodynamic carding technology, Autefa crosslapping technology, and
Kortec festooning technology. Hall A5, Booth 325.

Oerlikon Saurer, Switzerland, will present the latest-generation Volkmann
CarpetCabler 8.05 featuring a new monitoring unit with centralized electronic control, SmartCreel
ergonomic handling system, roller thread brake, central adjustment and cost-saving climate control
features; and the Epoca 05 modular embroidery system that enables two-frame embroidery while
retaining the original Epoca’s single-frame advantages. Hall A5, Booth 325.

Oerlikon Schlafhorst, Germany, will present its Autoconer winding technology; a
new machine concept for open-end spinning that merges advantages of the high-end Autocoro and
mid-range machines; and Zinser speed frame technology. Hall A5, Booth 325.

Oerlikon Textile Components, Switzerland, will feature the product lines of
Accotex, Daytex, Enka tecnica, Heberlein, Temco and Texparts. The booth will display a variety of
new products from all product lines, including spinning rings from Texparts; an Accotex J-460 60°
Shore A soft spinning cot; a 7-meter-long spin pack from Enka tecnica; migration and air
interlacing jets, and the FrayCan broken filament detector from Heberlein; and a double-friction
unit, Prämitex migration/spin finish jet for BCF yarns, and separator roller for nonwovens from
Temco. Hall A5, Booths 217/322 and 225.

Petit & Cie
, France, will display its complete range of covering spindles as
well as its range of spare parts and accessories for covering, milling, texturing and two-for-one
machines. The company also will show for the first time new Rastech covering machines for single
and double covering of spandex and/or rubber core yarns using polyester, polypropylene or cotton
cover yarns for sock, stocking and circular hosiery applications. Hall A4, Booth 122.

Picanol Group
, Belgium, will have 15 weaving machines at ITMA demonstrating their
capabilities. OptiMax rapier machines will include an 8-R 190 weaving shirting, 6-R 220 weaving
worsted at the Stäubli booth, 8-R 340 weaving fancy voile, 8-P 250 with Optileno shedding system
weaving leno, 4-P 460 weaving coating, 12-J 190 weaving womenswear fabric, and a 4-R 360 weaving
denim. From the Omniplus 800 air-jet line, a 4-P 190 model will be shown weaving lining, 4-R 220
weaving automotive fabric, 2-P 340 weaving sheeting, 4-J 190 weaving lining at the Bonas booth, and
a 4-J 250 weaving mattress ticking at the Grosse booth. Hall B4, Booth 304.

Promatech S.p.A., Italy, a member of the Itema Group, will display a Somet Alpha
PGA (Positive Gripper Approach) rapier weaving machine in its booth weaving a haute couture fabric.
Two jacquard versions of the same machine will also be on display — one at the Stäubli booth
weaving furnishing fabric at a speed of more than 1,400 m/min and equipped with a 9,600-hook
jacquard, and the other at the Startes booth with a never-before-seen construction. Promatech also
will show a Vamatex Silver HS 1,900-mm-wide rapier machine in its booth weaving high-quality
shirting at a speed of more than 750 picks per minute, a jacquard version in the Bonas booth, and
an FTS version without tape guide hooks in the LGL booth. Hall B5, Booth 107/202.

Promatech’s Vamatex Silver HS rapier weaving machine

Research & Innovation Textile Machinery (RITM), France, will demonstrate its
machines for twisting and texturing fine-count apparel yarns; as well as machines for twisting,
assembling and cabling heavy-count industrial yarns. The company will introduce the UTC 60
universal yarn twister, which offers all of the features found on its predecessor UT 50, in
addition to direct cabling equipment for two-ply cord production, integrated full air circulation
for reduced heat dissipation and new yarn brakes. RITM also will highlight the Monitoring Unit
System for Textile Machinery (M.U.S.T.) production monitoring system. Hall A3, Booth 149/250.

Rieter Machine Works Ltd., Switzerland, will show the latest-generation C 60 card
with new SB drafting module, a high-performance comber, SB 20 double-head draw frame, Omegalap
combing preparation, K 45 compact spinning machine with Variospin, Servotrail roving bobbin
transport system, enhanced R 40 rotor spinning machine with Aeropiecing®, BT 924 rotor spinning
machine and Spiderweb mill monitoring system. The company also will display yarns, fabrics and
end-products made with COM4® compact yarn, Comforo® rotor yarn and Rotona® Rotor core yarn. Hall
A6, Booth 417/514.

Rieter Perfojet, France, sharing a booth with NSC nonwoven, will feature the new
Jetlace® Essentiel spunlace system for lightweight products and the Spunjet® online
spunbond/spunlace technology combination; in addition to presenting established technologies
including the Perfobond™ 3000 spunbond system, Emblo® meltblown system and Jetlace™ spunlace
system. Hall A3, Booth 119/320.

Roj – Nuova Roj Electrotex S.r.l., Italy, will highlight yarn break detectors,
creels, weft accumulators and stop motions, among other products. Hall B5, Booth 276.

Roll Concept, France, will offer its expertise with lightweight roller
applications using Alveotubes® as accumulator, calender, contact, dancer, guide, idler, lay-on,
nip, transducer, or reel spools or roll cores. The company offers custom-designed web-handling
solutions according to its customers’ needs. Hall B3, Booth 165.

Rosink GmbH + Co. Maschinenfabrik, Germany, will exhibit its line of spinning
preparation products including can coilers and can exchangers. Hall A3, Booth 352.

S-Line AG, Switzerland, will showcase the modular HTM-W hot-melt coating and
laminating machine, designed for economical in-house production and commission coating; the
HTM-W(-S) version for sensitive materials, which are carried on a conveyor belt into the machine
and pass the web-centering and -guiding systems prior to coating; and the patented Flexo-Roll
System, which allows for quick add-on changes. Hall B3, Booth 327/422.

Salvadé S.r.l., Italy, will highlight its latest developments in dyeing, printing
and finishing machinery. Hall C3, Booth 210.

Santex Group International AG, Switzerland, will introduce the latest innovations
developed for three of its product lines. Santex will highlight the Santashrink Super Jumbo, which
has been expanded to offer greater drying power; and enhanced energy-savings package and the
SantAccess bar code management system. Cavitec will showcase the Cavimelt Plus coating head, which
features an add-on device for full hotmelt covering on extremely fine-weight fabrics. Santex and
Sperotto Rimar will display a newly engineered version of the Santasoft open-width continuous
tumble dryer, as well as a new open-width compacting machine for knits and woven fabrics, nicknamed
the “Cheetah” because of its high-speed capability. Hall C1, Booth 217/318.

Savio Macchine Tessili S.p.A.
, Italy, will show its latest-generation machines
including the Polar automatic winder and the FlexiRotorS 3000®/Duo Spinner open-end spinning frame.
Hall A4, Booth 121/222.

Savio’s Polar automatic winder

Sclavos S.A., Greece, will introduce the Athena H fabric-dyeing machine. Suitable
for processing knitted as well as a variety of woven fabrics, the machine features the Twin Soft
Flow dyeing system, Aquachron 2G continuous washing system, Automatic Adjustments software and
Variable Loading control. Hall C1, Booth 203/304.

Smit S.p.A., Italy, will present its latest-generation air-jet and rapier weaving
machines. Hall B6, Booth 105/202.

SML Maschinengesellschaft mbH
, Austria, will inform customers about improvements to
its product lines including the SML bulked continuous filament mono- and tricolor spinning lines.
At the show, SML will demonstrate the HT 2 x 2 C/60 line running 200- to 3,000-denier fully drawn
yarns. Hall A6, Booth 415.

Spindelfabrik Suessen GmbH
, Germany, will demonstrate the new EliTwist®CompactSet V5
spindle on a ring-spinning machine spinning a Ne100/2 100-percent cotton EliTwist yarn at 22,000
rpm. The company also will highlight its other compact spinning technologies such as the EliTe®
spindle and open-end SpinBoxes. Hall A6, Booth 315/414.

SSM Schärer Schweiter Mettler AG
, Switzerland, will display the latest in winding
and sewing thread machinery, as well as air-jet and false-twist texturing machinery. Hall A4,
Booths 401 and 311/400.

Stäubli International AG, Switzerland, will display its full product range at ITMA
2007. New developments include the Unival 200, a complete jacquard weaving machine featuring Unival
technology — using servo motors instead of mechanical drives — for narrow fabrics and ribbons up to
47 mm wide. The company also will demonstrate the Unival 500, which features individual single
drives for each harness frame; the new Alpha 400, manufactured by Stäubli Group member company
Schönherr, for flexible carpet production; and a new warp-tying machine for coarse- and
medium-count yarns. In addition, Stäubli’s Weaving Preparation Systems Division will introduce a
new automatic drawing-in machine. Hall B5, Booth 230.

Stalam S.p.A., Italy, will introduce two radio frequency (RF) dryers: the RF 150
kW and RFA/HP. The RF 150 kW, suitable for medium- and large-capacity yarn-package dyehouses,
offers 150 kilowatts (kW) of output power and is operated by Stalam’s Twin04+ dedicated
microcontroller. The RFA/HP yarn-package dryer combines RF technology with other top-secret
features to be revealed at the show. Hall B1, Booth 551/554.

Stemmann Equipamentos Ltda., Brazil, will showcase its automatic transport and
handling systems for the textile industry. Hall A6, Booth 209/308.

H. Stoll GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, will highlight the Compact, Multi Gauge and
Knit&Wear flat knitting machines; machines in the Stoll-multi gauges® line; and a range of CMS
machines suitable for intarsia knitting and garment knitting, including the CMS 730 S Knit&Wear
machine. The company also will present developments in Stoll Software Solutions and a new pattern
collection developed especially for ITMA. Hall A2, Booth 117/316.

Sultex Ltd., Switzerland, a member of the Itema Group, will demonstrate new
products and modified machinery for projectile, rapier and air-jet weaving. During ITMA, the Sulzer
Textil G6500 RSP rapier weaving machine will be shown producing a densely woven 260-cm-wide
technical fabric. The P7300HP projectile weaving machine, which offers working widths of up to 6.5
meters, will be weaving a denim fabric at a weft insertion rate of more than 1,570 m/min. Hall B5,
Booth 121/220.

Superba S.a.s., France, will highlight the TVP3 heat-setting line for carpet
yarns, new MAT3 yarn accumulator, ASD automatic splicing device, and the new DUOVAP compact
steaming and shrinking line for machine-knitting yarns. Hall A3, Booth 367/466.

Tandematic Inc., Spartanburg, will exhibit fabric and web-handling equipment for
tenters, washing and dyeing ranges, and rotary screen-printing and laminating machines. Hall C3,
Booth 524.

Tecnorama S.r.l., Italy, will launch the Spectrorama® online matching and control
system for dyeing cycles. The system uses a spectrophotometer with combined absorbance and
reflectance technology to test fabric and dye-bath samples to provide information on the progress
of the dye cycle. Hall B1, Booths 413/508 & 509.

Textile Industries Media Group

will have copies of the latest issues of

Textile World
Textiles Panamericanos and

Textile World Asia
available. Hall A4, Booth 207.

THEN Maschinen GmbH, Germany, a member of Fong’s Industries Group, will present
the SRH-1 latest-generation Airflow® machine; TDS dyehouse system, which integrates Then machines,
equipment from other manufacturers and PC-control systems in one common dyehouse system; CHD
automatic chemical dispensing system; Then Automatic Dissolving Station (ADS); and the Then HST
top-class beam-dyeing machine. Hall C1, Booth 216.

Thies GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, will exhibit its yarn- and fabric-dyeing
machinery alongside the motto, “Water is for living, not for dyeing.” Machinery to be highlighted
in the fabric-dyeing category includes the Luft-roto plus SII short-liquor-ratio rapid-dyeing
machine; HT/AT-Jigger, suitable for dye lots of up to 1,000 meters; and the mini-soft E
small-capacity jet-dyeing machine. Hall C1, Booth 157/256.

Trützschler’s TC 03 card

Toyota Industries Corp., Japan, will exhibit ring-spinning machines for
cotton-spinning systems, as well as air-jet weaving machines. Hall B6, Booth 327.

Trützschler GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, will exhibit a new non-regulated,
space-saving draw frame, as well as a new machine for detecting and extracting foreign parts from
cotton fiber. The company also will highlight its TC 03 card for two main uses — in combing mills
and for high-production applications — and will demonstrate a new, easy-to-use data management
system for cards and draw frames. Innovations from Trützschler Card Clothing, a Trützschler Group
company, also will be presented at the booth. Hall A4, Booth 321/412.

Uster Technologies AG, Switzerland, will showcase the new Uster® Fancy Yarn
Profile for the Uster Tester 5. The Fancy Yarn Profile utilizes an innovative, easy-to-use
measuring method to collect information related to slub yarn quality. The company also will show
the new Uster Tester 5-S800, a high-precision instrument that measures quality parameters such as
evenness and yarn imperfections at a speed of 800 m/min; and the FM sensor, used with the 5-S800 to
detect and classify foreign fibers in the same testing operation.  Hall A4, Booth 343/442.

The Uster Tester 5-S800

U.T.I.T. Wagner Automazioni S.p.A., Italy, will exhibit automatic transport
solutions for staple fiber spinning mills. Hall A6, Booth 428.

Welker Spintech GmbH
, Germany, will showcase the Condibox conditioner, Rovemaster
roving bobbin cleaner and the Sortimat contamination sorting machine. Partner companies Sieger
Spintech and AKE Systemtechnik will exhibit a roving bobbin transportation system linking the
roving frame and spinning frame. Hall A6, Booth 203/302.

WESTechnologies Inc.
, Hampton, Ga., will exhibit the YieldMAX instrument designed to
measure fabric shrinkage on compressive shrinkage ranges using invisible marking technology. The
instrument then transmits data to the YieldWARE central monitoring system, which stores data by
batch, operator, article or shift. The technology is available in an OEM version compatible with

Morrison Textile Machinery Co. compressive shrinkage ranges, or as a retrofit for any
compressive shrinkage range. At ITMA, an OEM version of YieldMAX will be demonstrated on a Morrison
machine. Hall C4, Booth 223/320.

Xorella AG, Switzerland, a member of Fong’s Industries Group, specializes in
vacuum steaming systems for textiles. At the show, Xorella will highlight an all-new,
lower-energy-consumption conditioning system for yarn and other textiles. Hall A5, Booth 105.

July/August 2007