ITMA Asia 2005: Uster Presents Golden Quantum Clearers

Uster Technologies AG, Switzerland, announced the production of the millionth Uster® Quantum yarn
clearer at ITMA Asia 2005. The milestone followed six years of production and development since the
introduction of the Quantum clearer. During the celebration to commemorate the occasion, officials
of the company extended thanks to their original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners. In an
unusual gathering of the industry’s spinning machinery competitors, Uster presented each OEM
partner with a golden Quantum clearer and expressed its sincere appreciation for the close and
long-standing relationships.

(Left to right): Harold Hoke, Uster Technologies; Peter Schulz, Rieter; Gerard Küsters,
Schlafhorst; Paolo Puntoni, Savio; Peter Egli, Uster Technologies; Daisuke Murata, Muratec; and
Geoffrey Scott, Uster Technologies

Company officials pointed to constant new developments in functionality and options,
including the Uster Quantum clearer’s unique ability to detect transparent and white polypropylene
(PP) fibers. This function was considered a breakthrough in yarn clearing because the PP fibers
typically only become apparent after dyeing, which creates second-quality goods. Detection and
clearing of such defects are important for consistent quality and increased yarn value.

January/February 2006