ITMA Asia 2005: Savio Polar 1/Premium Winder Introduced

The Polar 1 on display

Italy-based ITEMA Spinning’s Savio brand launched the new POLAR I/Premium winder at ITMA

“The Orion was a major step in 1999 for Savio in winding technology,” said Paolo Puntoni,
Savio brand representative. “As you know, the market is changing — moving from West to East. Savio
has developed a system to accommodate the movement of the market and the environment that is
different from North America, South America and Europe — in weather, skills and further development
of fashion. Fashion and technology demand a new solution. In India, for example, energy cost is
almost equal to the cost in Italy, but labor is one-tenth the cost. So in transformation of yarn
cost, power consumption is more important in India than in Italy. This means energy savings is a

Itema Group executives gathered at ITMA Asia for a presentation of the company’s latest

“So we needed to integrate the doffing trolley with the electronics of the
machine — a change from Orion. Fashion requires reengineering the cradle geometry so that we can
match new yarn designs. The computer-aided metering system measures length and saves on yarn left
on the package. This can save 1.5 to 2.5 percent left on the creel downstream — there also are no
stripping costs. Package density is improved with computer-aided density to personalize density for
downstream requirements. Link redesign provides a buffer to match longer ring frames with short
doffing times and can handle multiple package delivery. Polar is a strong solution.”

January/February 2006