Giorgio Giamminola Expands

Supplier Note

Textile World Asia Special ReportGiorgio GiamminolaExpands Its Horizons In China

Giorgio Giamminola & C. S.p.A. manufactuers various parts and accessories for use in many
kinds of weaving machines.YAN-GI Tex Co. Ltd., a joint venture between Italy-based Giorgio
Giamminola & C. S.p.A. and Yuyia Trading, China, is a manufacturing compa-ny of the Giamminola
Group pre-sent in international markets with the goal of producing competi-tively priced weaving
machine spare parts and accessories to strict European standards. Parts production is supervised by
Italian technicians in Italy and China. Commercial activities are performed by both Giorgio
Giamminola and YAN-Gi Tex. A website,, allows the customer to search for and
order spare parts on-line in a user-friendly environment. YAN-Gi Tex offers parts for grip-per
machines (Vamatex, Somet, Sulz-er, Dornier, Picanol, and Mav, to name a few), projectile machines
(Sulzer’s TW11, PU and P7100 for example), and air-jet machines (including Picanol, Tsudakoma,
Nis-san and Sulzer). Sales management works to cater to customer needs. The group has a worldwide
pres-ence with two manufacturing loca-tions, as well as sales offices in 20 countries. Warehouses
are in several countries to facilitate distribution of parts, and the company works with agents to
offer short delivery times and close business relationships. Second-hand and reconditioned
equipment also is available through Giamminola in many countries.

November/December 2005