ITMA Asia Makes Its Move


Written and compiled by Jennifer Dennard, Managing Editor, Textile World

The skyline of Singapore, the host city for the 2nd ITMA Asia, glitters in the night sky.ITMA
Asia Makes Its MoveThe second edition of ITMA Asia will offer visitors a vast array of textile
developments in every sector.Movers and shakers of the textile industry will soon converge during
the 2nd Asian International Exhibition of Textile Machinery (ITMA Asia 2005) to see the latest in
technological textile developments and trends, meet potential customers, and keep an eye on the
competition.The exhibition will be held in Singapore Monday, October 17, through Friday, October
21, at the Singapore Expo — also the site of the inaugural ITMA Asia in 2001.The committee selected
Singapore to host the show again because of its positive experience at the premier event. This
experience was due in part to support and cooperation provided by local organizer Meeting Planners
[International Pte Ltd.] (MPI). That support enabled the first edition of the show to attract 802
exhibitors from more than 33 regions, and nearly 30,000 visitors from 67 regions.“ITMA Asia has a
strong reputation in the global calendar of textile machinery exhibitions,” said Sylvia Phua, CEO,
MPI. “This is evident from the fact that the majority of our past exhibitors have signed up; more
importantly, some 30 percent of them have upsized their booth after the 2001 experience.”Show
organizers have received so much interest from potential exhibitors that additional exhibition
space was added to the expo. Eight hundred exhibitors from 33 regions are expected to attend this
year’s show, as are close to 50,000 visitors.Post-Quota Expectations“The upcoming ITMA Asia
exhibition will be a significant one, as it is the first show we have held following the lifting of
textile quotas at the beginning of this year,” said Edward Roberts, president, CEMATEX. “The
post-textile quota era is exciting and challenging for both manufacturers and buyers of textile
machinery, and we anticipate that it will draw tremendous interest from Asian textile makers who
are eager to modernize and upgrade their operations.”Eighty-nine percent of visitors to ITMA Asia
2001 were from Asia. Figures such as this perhaps encouraged the Japan Textile Machinery
Association to sign an agreement with CEMATEX to become an official partner of ITMA Asia 2005.What
To ExpectExhibitors will be organized into 15 sectors, encompassing nearly such facets of the
industry as: yarn formation; nonwovens; weaving; knitting; dyeing, printing and finishing;
making-up; testing and measuring; pneumatic equipment and air conditioning plants; transport,
handling and packing; liquid, solid and air recycling; design, data monitoring, processing and
integrated production; dyestuffs and chemical products; and associated goods and services.The top
three product groups at the exhibition are expected to be weaving, spinning and finishing.To assist
visitors and exhibitors, CEMATEX recently launched an online exhibitor directory, located at, that includes a comprehensive listing of exhibitors and hall plans, among other
features.Fashion WeekITMA Asia organizers have announced support of Singapore Fashion Week (SFW),
which will run concurrently with the exhibition. Organized by the Textile & Fashion Federation,
with support from International Enterprise Singapore, SFW will hold fashion events throughout the
city, as well as promote trade exhibitions related to the fashion, garment and textile industry.
These include ITMA Asia, which will kick off the week’s activities; and Apparel Asia 2005 and the
International Yarns, Fibers, Fabrics & Accessories Exhibition, both of which will be held at
the Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre.Selected Exhibitors’Preview
Of Show OfferingsSpinningTrützschler GmbH & Co. KG and its subsidiary,Trützschler Card Clothing
— both based in Germany — will exhibit a blowroom line for optimal cleaning and maximum fiber
protection, as well as the td 03 draw frame with automatically adjustable Auto Draft break
draft.The company also will display the TC 03 card with integrated draw frame for rectangular cans,
as well as the new generation of Novostar wires, among other products.

Trützschler GmbH & Co. KG”s TC 03 cardSpindelfabrik Suessen GmbH, Germany, will share a
booth with Bräcker AG, Switzerland, and Novibra GmbH, Germany, to show the companies’ full range of
ring-spinning drafting systems, spindles and spinning rings. The companies will focus on ring and
rotor spinning, and will display the EliTe® CompactSet spinning system for short- and long-staple
fiber, EliTwist®, EliCoreTwist®, HP ComponentSet drafting systems, various SpinBox models, and
spinning parts and spare parts for Autocoro rotor-spinning machines.Loptex S.r.l., Italy, will have
on display its new Optosonic sorter, as well as other systems that detect and remove contamination
in the opening process at spinning mills.SML Maschinengesellschaft mbH, Austria, will exhibit its
line of multifilament spinning lines, including the: Austrofil® HT (high tenacity) and Austrofil MT
(medium tenacity); Austrofil BCF (bulk continuous filament); Austrofil POY (partially oriented
yarn); and Austrofil POY/MT, which, as its name suggests, combines two spinning processes in one.

SML Maschinengesellschaft mbH’s Austrofil® multifilament spinning lineRieter Textile Systems,
Switzerland, will display complete systems suitable for tire cord and industrial filament, that
feature improved extrusion components such as the new RIEVAP 54 draw roll and the RIEMAT CD 300 HP
take-up winder. The company also will display the new CP 10 tire cord cabling machine, as well as a
new high-performance blowroom line, new piecing technology, new BT 923 rotor-spinning machine with
360 spinning positions, new core yarndevices, and the new UT 50 two-for-one twister for industrial
filaments.Switzerland-based Saurer and its Allma, Barmag, Neumag, Melco, Saurer Embroidery,
Schlafhorst,Volkmann and Zinser brands will occupy 1,500 square meters of exhibition space at the
show, providing the company plenty of room to tempt passers-by with such developments as: Barmag
i-QOON® winding heads and MPS® texturing machine; Neumag S3 and S5 BCF machines, and the new
Swinging Sunflower can coiler system, among other products.Saurer also will show the Autocoro 360
and Autoconer 338 Gold; Zinser ring-spinning technology; the new WinPro spinning/twisting process;
Allma’s new MultiCorder two-for-one twisting machine; Volkmann’s CompactTwister two-for-one
twisting machine; and the Amaya System and DesignShop software from Saurer Embroidery and Melco.The
Man-Made Fiber Division of Fleissner GmbH & Co., Germany, will present its latest developments
such as jumbo crimpers, cutting machine, cutting wheels and drawstands, as well as a number of
specialty processing lines for a variety of fibers.Heberlein Fiber Technology Inc., Switzerland,
will show its MigraJet™ line and PolyJet® range, which include the redesigned PolyJet-SP and new
PolyJet-TG TopAir™ models. The Taslan® air-jet texturing program and the HemaJet®-LB04 jet housing
will also be presented, as will new T-2, S-2 and A-2 HemaJet cores. The Slide-Jet™-2 jet system
also will be shown along with the new P142-2 jet insert with air twist chamber. Lufan® stringup
devices, the new l100 cutting head, the redesigned DripDetector and the AirSplicer™ 17-2 and 40-2
also will be exhibited.Italy-based Savio Macchine Tessili S.p.A. — a member of the Itema Group —
will promote the FlexiRotorS 3000 rotor-spinning frame; the Orion F for wet spun linen yarn; and
the AES-Fenix high density and high quality electronic assembly winder; as well as the Geminis S
range of twofor- one twisters, including the Duo-Pot version; among other
machines.WeavingSwitzerland-based Grob Horgen AG will invite visitors to see new heddle frames for
high-performance weaving machine applications, heddle frames for intermediate applications, and new
KFW 5600 warp stop motions.

SSM Schärer Schweiter Mettler AG’s DP-1W DIGICONE® preciflex™ with precitensPicanol NV,
Belgium, will exhibit the new OMNIplus 800 air-jet weaving machine, as well as the Olympica air-jet
weaving machine, GTXplus rapier weaving machine, and Gam-Max rapier weaving machine.SMIT S.p.A.,
Italy, will demonstrate the GS900 gripper weaving machine, GS900 F terry weaving machine and JS900
air-jet weaving machine.As at ShanghaiTex, Switzerland-based Sultex Ltd. — also a member of the
Itema Group — will present visitors with information on its P7300HP high-performance projectile
weaving machine (see “ShanghaiTex: Continued Growth,” this issue), Sulzer Textil G6500 rapier
weaving machine and L5500 air-jet weaving machine, PowerLeno for leno fabric production, and
solutions available from its Customized Weaving Technology unit.Stäubli AG, Switzerland, will offer
attendees a similar showing to its ShanghaiTex exhibition. The display will include equipment from
its shedding machine, weaving preparation systems and carpet weaving machine divisions.New
introductions will include the Type 1781 CAM motion, Type 2881 dobby with T6100 carbo speed heddle
frame, DX 100 and DX 110 jacquard machines, JC 6 jacquard controller, CX 170 jacquard machine for
name selvages, and the Delta 110 configuration for O- and J/C-type heddles.

Stäubli AG’s Type 2881 dobby Jakob Müller AG, Frick Maschinenfabrik, Switzerland, will offer
an array of technology for narrow fabrics that span multiple textile sectors. It will present
warping systems, narrow fabric weaving systems, warp crochet knitting systems, label production
systems, dyeing and finishing systems, and winding and make-up systems; as well as belt inspection,
measuring, cutting and stacking machines; and software systems for the development of woven
jacquard patterns, knitted fabrics, article cards and enterprise resource planning.Germany-based
Lindauer Dornier GmbH & Co. will promote recent developments in its line of rapier and air-jet
weaving machines. An Indian silk sari will be woven on a 170-centimeter-wide rapier machine with 16
colors in combination with a 5,120 hook jacquard machine, which will be shown equipped with the
Air- Guide® patented air cushion guide. Two air-jet machines will be on display at the company’s
stand. A 360-cm-wide machine will use the new EasyLeno® 2T leno method that works with two warp end
systems to demonstrate new leno fabric creations.The second, a 400-cm-wide machine with an
insertion performance of more than 2,000 meters per minute, will produce stretch denim styles with
Lycra® and fancy yarns. The machine will be shown equipped with ServoControl® patented pressure
regulation, as well as a patented PWC filling thread clamp.Dornier weaving machines also will be
shown at Stäubli and Bonas stands.Italy-based Promatech S.p.A. also a member of the Itema Group,
will promote its Somet and Vamatex brands. The company will exhibit the Alpha PGA rapier and
redesigned Mythos ETec air-jet looms, and the redesigned DynaTerry. The entire range of Leonardo
rapier looms also will be on display, as will the new Silver HS loom, which features reduced power
consumption, double beam setting, and main Hi Drive motorization, among other features. Promatech
will show for the first time the new EK505 loom, based on Leonardo technology.

Oskar Fisher GmbH’s model PU-JET warp tying machineKnittingGermany-based Mayer & Cie.
GmbH & Co. KG will display its Relanit 1.6 R and OVJA 1.1 TtrB circular knitting machines. The
company will expand upon its Basic-Line range with the unveiling of the D4-2.0 Basic-Line double
jersey machine, which produces plain interlock fabrics and interlock structures, as well as 1:1 rib
and rib structures on a cotton and polyester basis.Comez S.p.A., Italy, will exhibit its
DNB/EL-800-8B double needlebed warp-knitting machine with electronically driven pattern guide bars,
which will be shown producing ribbons and 3D ribbons.Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH,
Germany, will show the Gir-O-Matic sample warping machine, JL 65/1 F knitting machine for the
production of lace and net curtains, RDPJ 6/2 and RDPJ 4/2 for the production of seamless goods,
and HKS 2-3 E warp knitting machine for stretch fabrics.In addition to its weaving machines,
Dornier will exhibit the EcoMerc/2 continuous mercerizing machine with the company’s patented
circular expander.A new contact-free magnetic mounting that ensures nearly pressure-free and
distortion-free fabric transport over the expander also will be demonstrated. The EcoSqueeze
circular squeezing machine also will be shown.A. Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG,
Germany, will introduce the MXL moist cross-linking process for non-iron properties, combined
integrated heat recovery and exhaust air-cleaning system, high-efficiency fan motors, and new
nozzles for its DynAir relaxation dryer.

A. Monforts Textilemaschinen GmbH will display a working Montex tenter with new featuresHong
Kong-based Fong’s National Engineering Co. Ltd. will provide information on a number of products
such as the Allwin high-temperature package-dyeing machine, ECO-6 high-temperature dyeing machine,
ECO-8 multi-rop soft-dyeing machine, LABWIN laboratory package-dyeing machine, Airflow AFE
high-temperature jet-dyeing machine, tdS dye-house system and color-kitchen system, and automatic
dissolving system from Fong’s subsidiary THEN Maschinen GmbH, Germany; and the Contexxor® Plus
indirect conditioning and heatsetting machine and Mini Contexxor indirect conditioning and
heatsetting laboratory machine from Fong’s subsidiary Xorella Hong Kong Ltd.Switzerland-based
Benninger Co. Ltd. will display the new TKV combination size box. Trikoflex units for knitwear
finishing also will be presented at the show. It also will show the new Ergotec sectional warping
machine for the weaving sector.Fleissner will offer attendees information on its continuous dyeing
lines for tufted carpets, continuous printing lines for printing processes and spacedye lines for
carpet yarns. It also will present its range of equipment for wool and loose fiber finishing, as
well as its drying line for loose stock fibers.Heusch GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, will exhibit
high-capacity shearing cylinders with hollow or solid bodies, ledger blades, concave or caulked-in
spiral blades, and complete shearing units for an array of purposes.

Heusch GmbH & Co. KG’s high-capacity shearing cylinderItaly-based Lafer S.p.A. will make
available to visitors information on its Ultrasoft open-width brush sueding machines. The recently
introduced UltraSoft-T features a patented fabric expander and exclusive brush configuration, which
ensures a larger abrasive brush to fabric contact surface, according to the company.Lafer also will
display the new tubular and open-width K compactors, which help to increase fabric-to-heat contact
time, and new entry/exit solutions that enable faster run speeds.The new CMI-100 shearing machine,
which reduces the number of shearing passes while increasing shearing precision, also will be
presented.MCS S.p.A., Italy, will promote its high-temperature and atmospheric rope-dyeing
machines; rope bleaching and washing ranges for knits; atmospheric and high-temperature dyeing
jiggers; open-width and rope continuous tumble dryers; discontinuous rope tumbler dryer;
mercerizing ranges for tubular knits; open-width continuous ranges for mercerizing, bleaching,
dyeing and washing of woven fabrics; beam-dyeing machines; and discontinuous carpetdyeing
machines.Cimi S.p.A., Italy, will present information on the Lavanova Multifix, Lavableach,
Rotodry, Flexifola and Vaporfix machines.Greece-based Sclavos International S.A. will promote its
Athenà with Wisdomdyeing machine, among other products.Italy-based Loris Bellini S.p.A. will
provide information on its range of dyeing and drying machines, autoclaves, dosing systems, dyeing
plant robotization, automatic programmers and dyehouse planning and management software, among
other products.Nonwovens And Technical TextilesFleissner also will present a wide array of
nonwovens products, including the AquaJet spunlace system for the hydroentanglement of nonwovens,
the recently introduced LeanJet AquaJet spunlace system, high-performance through-air dryers, and
high-performance lines for nonwovens production.

Fleissner GmbH & Co.’s LeanAquaJet spunlace systemIn addition to its spinning equipment,
Rieter will exhibit the new Perfobond 3000 for the production of high-quality spunbond fabrics, as
well as new Spunjet technology, which integrates spunlaid and spunlacing technologies
on-line.Switzerland-based Santex AG will present at ITMA Asia for the first time the Cavimelt-TSM
trial and sampling machine for hotmelt coating and lamination. The machine features a working width
of 500 millimeters and is suitable for laminators and coaters, educational facilities and adhesive
suppliers, among others. The company also will display a number of other products including the
Santatherm double belt oven, thermobonding lines for waste and recycling of fibers, Caviscreen
hotmelt rotary screen machine, Caviflex hotmelt machine, and the Cavi-BSC coating and laminating
machine, among other pieces of equipment.NSC Nonwoven, France, will promote its AirWeb® and ProDyn®
systems, as well as the recently introduced Excelle® card.The Germany-based Dilo System Group will
present web forming and needling machinery, such as the Spinnbau Delta-Sigma-Card, Turbo-Unit and
Turbo-Card web-forming machines, Hyperlayer crosslapper, Hyperpunch needle looms, VE2 drafter and
ProfiLine CV1 system.Textile TestingEngland-based SDL Atlas will use ITMA Asia as a chance to debut
its redesigned Flammability Tester, enhanced Martindale and ICI Pilling Box. It also will display
the Quickspin System for the fiber industry, the DigiEye colorfastness grading and match prediction
system, and the Ci3000+ lightfastness tester.James H. Heal & Co. Ltd., also based in England,
will have on view the FlexiBurn flammability tester introduced at ShanghaiTex 2005, as well as the
Apollo lightfastness tester, an enhanced Titan Universal Strength Tester, a SnagPod snagging
resistance tester, and the range of Nu Martindale testers, including the 864 model. The company
also will provide information on its global service and calibration, and the launch of its new Far
Eastern Service Center in Hong Kong.Loepfe Brothers Ltd., Switzerland, will provide visitors with
information on the YarnMaster Zenit on-line quality control system. Built on the technology of the
YarnMaster Spectra, the Zenit model features Loepfe’s new Psensor, which is able to detect manmade
foreign matter no matter what the color of the yarn or foreign matter or fineness of the
fiber.Uster Technologies AG, Switzerland, will exhibit the USTER® QUANTUM® 2 polypropylene foreign
fiber detection system for spinning mills, as well as the Uster Quantum Lab On-line, which provides
on-line data that may be compared with lab measurements and Uster Statistics.AccessoriesThe Luwa
Division of the Zellweger Luwa Group, Switzerland, will present textile air engineering
capabilities, such as the Total Air Control TAC® air engineering concept.

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