New Textile Machinery Show Debuts In Turkey

ITM 2004

Textile World Asia Special Report

New Textile Machinery Show Debuts In TurkeyThe inaugural International Istanbul Textile
Machinery Exhibition (ITM 2004) is scheduled to take place June 1-6 at the Tüyap Beylikdüzü
Exhibition and Congress Center in Istanbul. The show is jointly organized by Tekstil Teknoloji
Magazine, Teknik Fair Organization and Tüyap.Exhibitors & VisitorsAccording to Tekstil
Teknoloji, the show is expected to attract 450 companies from around the world, with 360 or so from
countries including Italy, Germany, France, the United States, India, China, Korea and Japan.
Tekstil Teknoloji added that despite the construction of 2,100 square meters of additional
exhibition space, high demand forced the show to turn away many interested companies.Show
organizers project that more than 50,000 visitors will attend ITM 2004, coming from countries such
as China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Russia, Pakistan, Egypt, India, Bangladesh, Spain, Italy, Germany,
Belgium, Switzerland and the United States.Products On DisplayAttendees will have the opportunity
to see the latest in textile machinery technology. Product groups on display include:• cotton and
fiber preparation machinery;• yarn preparation machinery and accessories;• spinning machinery;•
nonwoven and industrial textile machinery;• weaving preparation equipment and machinery and
accessories;• circular knitting machinery and accessories;• dyeing, printing and finishing
equipment;• chemicals;• laboratory equipment and quality control systems;• CAD, CAM and CIM
applications and automation systems;• other textile machinery and accessories.Tüyap Exhibition
CenterTüyap Beylikdüzü, Turkey’s largest exhibition center, has a total of 121,000 square meters of
show space, including 52,000 square meters of enclosed area and 20,000 square meters of open space.
Additional features of the exhibition center include a parking lot for 3,500 cars, a helicopter
landing pad, VIP and private meeting rooms, a media room, six restaurants, as well as a concert
hall. Secretarial services in English, Turkish and German are also available.For more information
about ITM 2004, log on to
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